My 2015 Christmas Decor Tour

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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It's finally here - the time of year where I have the perfect excuse to go crazy decorating my home.   So come along and take a look at what I've done.

Now these, little dudes are super special to me.  These are Gnoments - a relationship kit designed to encourage couples to do kind and thoughtful things for each other to keep the relationship fun and fresh. The holidays get super busy and it's easy to get stressed out and overwhelmed and in turn, neglecct your partner.  Gnoments help to keep everything strong and interesting.

The Gnoments kit comes with a boy and a girl gnome as well as a 32 page hard-covered illustrated storybook.  Inside the book there are plenty of examples of how to use your gnomes.  They have positionable hats, magnets in their hands, and bean bag bottom.  They can sit basically anywhere and they act as great Christmas decorations! 

That's not all though...each gnome has a little back pouch where you can stuff little gifts, mementos, or notes.  And if you have an NFC enabled smart phone you can program the Gnome's chip to send a video, sound clip, picture, map, or a link from the internet.  And on the Gnoments website you can register your gnome and create gnomitars and sends messages through the gnomifications app. 

These little guys are so cute and it's a fun way for me and James to share laughs every night!   And when people come over and we don't want to explain what the gnomes are for, we don't have to because they just look like regular decor!


 photo ScreenShot2014-06-25at102225PM_zps4fdda517.png


  1. I love how much fun you are having decorating! It looks so festive!! Love the elves on the bottom

  2. You house looks so festive. Love it

  3. This gnoments are too cute!

  4. Nice work! It all looks cute. I especially like the martini glass filled with the ornaments. :)

  5. Thanks for the awesome review on Gnoments! They are so much fun and we hope your readers love them too!! Happy Holidays!!!


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