The Small Matters Of Health You Should Always Keep In Mind

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

If you search ‘how to become fit and healthy’ in the search engine of your choice, you will likely return millions of results. Most of them will leave at least three important tips that you should adopt no matter who you are. They will likely be EAT WELL, SLEEP WELL and EXERCISE. Who could argue with those three efforts? Taking care of them can help you live as your best self for the longest, and will continue to yield you benefits until the golden chapters of your life, and then some.

However, health cannot be limited to those three things, even though it is fundamentally dependent on them. Small matters of health are important too, and can impede your daily functioning if not attended to.

So where should you start? Well, this article will by no means be an exhaustive list. It cannot. Speak to any recently graduated medical student, and they will often tell you just how complex and crazy and unpredictable and amazing the body can be. However, keeping an eye on the following matters of health can go a long way in helping you stay your best self from day to day, month to month, and year to year:

Eye Health

Something that is commonly overlooked is the health of your eyes. You only get one set so it is essential you are doing everything you can to look after them. If eating healthy and increasing your intake of fruit and veg is not enough then you may need to attend regular check-ups with your local eye doctor or optician. If you worry about the rising cost of living and being able to afford this then fear not. You can sign up to Ok.Vision on a monthly or annual basis, this includes eye checks as well as prescriptions depending on the plan you choose. 

Dental Health

Dental health is exceedingly important. Even adults can suffer from a loss of teeth, mishapen teeth, negative gum health among many other things. It’s not uncommon for adults to look for braces or a retainer via Orthodontist Dr Adam Schulhof in order to both restore the uniformity of their teeth and to promote gum and general dental hygiene. This is important. Not only can well-kept teeth help you feel confident in your smile, but it can help reduce halitosis and further dental issues that may lead to infections or even the need for surgery.

Mental Health

Mental health is by no means a ‘small matter of health,’ in fact, it could be considered even more important for daily functioning than certain aspects of physical health. In order to maintain this, it’s important to learn how to destress by finding an appropriate work/life balance, by heading to a therapist or a mental health professional if experiencing difficulties you cannot understand, by journaling, by socializing with the right people in your environment, by taking care of your financial situation to manage and by working on your mental toughness via meditating and completing challenging tasks. These efforts will be lifelong and require a diligent approach, but can be completed. Check this recommended list of daily mental health requirements to help you function at your peak during your daily life.

Environmental Health

Our environmental health contributes heavily to how we feel and behave. You may not be able to completely clean up the behavior of all those around you and force them to recycle, but you can certainly keep your hygiene at its absolute best throughout all of the days, wash your bedsheets religiously and clean and tidy your living space effectively. It might mean ensuring your pets are as well kept and hygienic as you or learning how to inspect your apartment for signs of damp or decay or even your diet for negative foodstuffs that may have expired. Health is not just you, it’s also what is around you. Taking care to limit exposing yourself to unhealthy items and keeping a healthy relationship to supporting your immune system can help you ensure that the challenges of your environment are dealt with mentally and physiologically.

Health is perhaps one of the vastest topics when it comes to living a great life. With these little efforts, you can support yours in more ways than might initially come to mind.

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