Simple Ways To Spruce Up The Bathroom

Monday, May 20, 2019

Now that a new season beckons and we have started our spring cleaning for the year, it is a great time to take a look at our home and see what things we can change and upgrade. The room which often gets overlooked in the house when decorating starts is the bathroom, and this can often lead to us keeping the same drab design for years on end. Today we are taking a look at the ways you can spruce up this part of the house.

New towels Sometimes the changes you can make to a space to create something more exciting don’t have to be huge. You don’t necessarily need to spend lots of money and time on your bathroom to make it feel fresh and new. In fact, if you have a simple white design in the room all you need to do for some fun is buy new towels in a bright colour or two. For example if you want a stunning Moroccan feel to the bathroom you can buy blue and yellow and orange towels for a stunning design.

Now and again your bathroom might need a bit more to than a simple lick of paint and this is where remodelling can come into play. You can use a company like the remodeling company NVS Kitchen and Bath and this can be something which will completely revamp the space and make it feel brand new. If you have the money and a little time on your hands it is more than worth putting the effort into this today!

Upgrade the tiles The tiles in the bathroom have a big impact on the design of the room and if you use beautiful tiles in your bathroom this will really have a knock on effect on the space. Have some fun replacing your old tiles with a fresh new colour or design, and you can even think about adding a few bright coloured mosaic tiles to it all as well!

Ditch the curtains Sheer curtains have to be the most drab and old fashioned accessory you could have in your bathroom. If you purchased your home from an older generation then it is very likely that you will have shower curtains, and they can make your home look a little bit old and bedraggled. Change up your curtains and replace it with a glass screen for a more modern look and feel.

Add some greenThe bathroom is a place which can be a little limited when it comes to design as we often avoid hanging artwork because it will often end up getting wet with the steam in the room. One design aspect which thrives off moisture though is a plant. Plants such as cactuses, orchids and aloe Vera Love the humid air you can provide in the bathroom and as a result you can end up with some stunning colours and flowers coming through in the spring and summer in your bathroom space.

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  1. New towels can sure can a room up.


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