7 Ways to Style a Jacket

Monday, May 13, 2019

7 Ways to Style a Jacket

Jackets are great this time of year before the heat and humidity hits and you can still get away with wearing layers.  I love jackets since you can obviously take them off and still have a put together outfit.  So today I'm showing you some ways to style a jacket. Use these suggestions to put together outfits from your own closet. 

White cami with a brown leather jacket and light wash jeans
Leather Jacket + Cami Top + Light Jeans
The light jeans make this a more casual look especially with a brown leather jacket as black seems to make things more dressed up.  The cami is great because it still has a cute design at the neckline so it's not completely plain but also I can layer another cami under it depending on the weather. 

denim jacket with graphic tunic and black leggings
Denim Jacket + Leggings + Tunic
So dark wash denim jackets go GREAT with black leggings.   Just put on a patterned tunic top with some patterned shoes and you're good to go. 

Denim jacket with black maxi skirt
Denim Jacket + Black Maxi + Solid Top
A black maxi skirt is very universal and can go with SO MANY things.   With a solid color top and a colorful statement necklace, it's a great casual feel and a polished look. 

denim jacket with casual dress
Denim Jacket + Casual Dress
This look can be with or without leggings or hosiery underneath.  Either way - denim jackets look so cute with casual dresses because it keeps the casual look but it's still appropriate for the business casual workplace. 
Black Leather Jacket + Grey Jeans + Black Top
Black Leather Jacket + Grey Jeans + Black Top
This is a total badass look! Grey jeans ALWAYS look great with a black leather jacket.  I especially love putting a sexy print with it especially in the form of a handbag or boots.

Leather Jacket + Casual Jeans + Scarf
Leather Jacket + Casual Jeans + Scarf
You can't go wrong with casual attire when you add a scarf as a layer to your outfit.  Even with a plain top, adding a patterned scarf to a brown leather jacket instantly spruces up the entire look. Just wear regular denim jeans and black or brown shoes.
Camo Jacket + Grey Jeans + Flannel Top
Camo Jacket + Grey Jeans + Flannel Top
This is my favorite look.  A flannel top layered with a camo jacket and grey jeans.  It gives it a nice edgy look but not as sharp as a black leather jacket. 

So hopefully you are inspired to put together some outfits in your own closet now. Which look is your favorite? 
7 Ways to Style A Jacket

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