Why My Book, Fixing Your Finances, Makes a Great Gift for Graduates

Friday, May 3, 2019

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Why My Book, Fixing Your Finances, Makes a Great Gift for Graduates

Graduation season is right around the corner and there are many high school students preparing for their future.   Unfortunately, it seems many teens and young adults go out into this world without some basic knowledge and understanding of personal finance.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a way to instill some great values and knowledge on budgeting, saving, proper use of debt, and responsible purchase decisions into those kids? Well, you can!  My book, Fixing Your Finances, is designed for people of any age and is a realistic and practical guide to living a debt free life, having a healthy savings fund, and learning how to properly budget for every type of expense you'll have. 

So what will my book teach them? 

Self Check for Spending

In Fixing Your Finances, I encourage you to take a long hard look at your last 6 months of receipts and account activity to see where your money is actually going.  Every expense will get broken down in categories and before creating a budget, we'll decide what a reasonable amount of money needed in that category is.  You may have spent $1,000 on clothing (hello, credit card) when really, you could have spent $50.  By going through all of your expenses and categorizing them it really gives you an honest look at what you do with your money. 

Assign Every Dollar A Job
This is the whole point of a budget.  Each dollar you get as income needs to be designated to a savings fund, spending fund, or a debt payment.  Even the wealthiest of folks have budgets because despite what most people think - a budget doesn't restrict your money, it directs it.  My book will walk you through step-by-step when it comes to making a budget.  We'll go over all the line items you should have based on your own spending habits and I'll teach you how to determine the amount you need in each category. 

Create a Cash Spending System
When you use cash it's harder for you to let it go compared to how easy it is to swipe a debit card.  In my book, we use the budget we made to determine which line items we can create a cash envelope for and which items we want to keep in our bank account.   

Becoming Debt Free
I will help you setup a debt pay down tracker and teach you how to focus every extra dollar you can towards paying off your debt.  We use the debt snowball method to knock out the smallest debt first and then compound the payment each month into the next debt.
Building a Savings
My book will help you determine how much you should have in your savings account, setting up an emergency fund, and how to stay motivated to get that savings fully funded.  

Smart Purchases
Whether it's a house, car, or a new computer, I explain how important it is to figure out the best price or method of purchase.  I even go over the proper usage of credit cards and how to keep your credit score healthy.   

  So make sure you pick up a copy of my bookFixing Your Finances, for the graduate in your life! 

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