4 Summer Outfit Ideas

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

4 Summer Outfit Ideas

Ahhh, summer time - when it gets hot as heck and you still want to dress cute.  And that's where the struggle is.  We can often times go for an outfit that's not very flattering just because it will keep us cool.  But with a little bit of extra effort you can guarantee a cute summer outfit that also keeps you cool.  Check out these 4 outfit ideas below to give you inspiration in your own wardrobe. 

4 Summer Outfit Ideas
 Funky Patterned Top + Fun Shorts
The top I chose is a nice pattern but it's not too busy and colorful so it's easy to pair with a simple pair of shorts and some striped boat shoes! 

4 Summer Outfit Ideas

 Black and White Pencil Skirt + Bright Tee 
Black and white patterns and prints are my favorite because the only thing you need to worry about is what bright color you're going to wear on top.  You can also invert this with a black and white striped tee over a solid bright color pencil skirt.  

4 Summer Outfit Ideas
Patterned Pencil Skirt + White Tee
A simple white tee lets the attention stay on the pencil skirt, preferable with a pattern like aztec or stripes.  And of course some simple sandals finish the look. 
4 Summer Outfit Ideas

Light Cami + Destroyed Denim Shorts

A simple pair of shorts with a few holes or some "use" to them adds a little flair to a plain lightweight cami top.  Add a long necklace and your look is complete!

Which of these outfits gave you some inspiration? 

4 Summer Outfit Ideas

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  1. So going to have to try black and white with a bright shirt.



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