A Few of My Favorite Life Hacks

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

I love finding new life hacks, but I especially love sharing them with others.  These aren't the same kind of life hacks you'll find on Pinterest, though.  These are hardcore life hacks that will help you throughout life when you need it the most.  If you read these over and keep them in your brain, hopefully they'll pop right out if you ever find yourself in certain predicaments. 

1. Always Keep a List of Potential Contacts

By potential contacts I mean people you may not consider a contact yet, but in the future you will need their number at a moments notice.   This means a personal injury attorney like KFB Law, a defense attorney, a bail bondsman (trust me!), and the name and number of the person in your life most likely to pick up the phone in dire straits.  

2. Keep Important Documents in a Fire Proof/Flood Proof Safe
The last thing you want to worry about after a natural disaster like a fire is getting all your important papers and documentation again.   Purchase any size fire and flood proof safe and keep the following documents inside:
Insurance Policy

Birth Certificates
Social Security Card
Will and Power of Attorney
Marriage License
List of Assets
Important Contacts
Sentimental Items
Photos of your valuable possessions

3. Backup Your Hard Drive, ALWAYS!
I can't tell you how many times I didn't have an external hard drive to back my laptop up to and it would always crash.  The second I got one, and began backing my laptop up every week, I've never needed it.   But I know that if I ever do lose everything, I have a pretty current copy of everything and it'll let me continue on with life and blogging quite quickly. 

4. Microchip Your Pets
You will never regret micro chipping your pets because there's no harm in doing so and the potential for someone to easily find your missing pet and get it back to you is super high when your dog or cat is micro chipped.  Anyone that finds your pet can bring it to a vet or even the police station to be scanned. KEEP YOUR INFO CURRENT though or else they won't be able to contact you if you've moved or changed phone numbers. 

5. Teach Your Kids the Basics of Personal Finance
Seriously, they don't teach it in school enough to make an impact and too many teens are getting ready to go out into the world and rack up TONS of debt and be unable to live within their means.  Every parent should teach their kids the basics of personal finance. There are plenty of books and free resources out there to help you. 

6. See A Doctor and Dentist Regularly
The best way to catch health issues early is to visit your dentist and doctor 1-2 times a year each.   MAKE THIS A PRIORITY and instill this same practice into your kids.  Prevention and early detection are the key for many of the health issues and diseases out there.   

Hopefully you'll take these suggestions very seriously. 

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  1. I also have a fire proof safe. That I keep all of my important papers in.



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