Frugal Living Hacks to Save You Money Each Month

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Frugal Living Hacks to Save You Money Each Month

I think most of us fail to realize how much money we could save each month if we cut back on our spending on a consistent basis.  But when most people think of cutting back on spending they associate that with not going shopping for clothing, etc.  But it goes way beyond that actually and today I am sharing some realistic frugal living hacks that can save you money each month! 

1. Use cash instead of debit.  If you are constantly using your debit card you're more likely to mindlessly spend money.  Using a cash spending system makes you stop and think before you physically hand money over. 

2. Use the ibotta app to get cash back on your grocery receipts.  It's free to use and when you shop at participating stores and upload your receipt, you get cash back immediately to your ibotta account.  You can withdraw once you reach the $20 threshold.  I use it at CVS and Rite Aid to0! 

3. Make your own household products.  Whether it's a multipurpose spray or laundry detergent, check Pinterest for some DIY recipes to make your own cleaners.  Not only will they be safer for use in your home because they won't have harsh ingredients but despite the upfront cost of supplies, you actually will save money in the long run versus buying the product in stores. 

4. Make as many outfits as you can from what you already have in your closet.  You would be surprised how many outfits you can put together from the clothing you already own.  You can check out some outfit ideas here and try to put similar ones together.  Also, pick out your outfits for the week on a Sunday so you have time to plan and piece stuff together.   Once I started doing this I realized I really won't need new clothing for a long time.  I had so many outfit combinations! 

5.  Cut the cord on cable. So many people are doing this now.   Look into Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix if you aren't someone like me that HAS TO WATCH things ASAP as they air on TV.  If you have some patience, you can get your favorite shows latest season once it's released. 

6.  Buy groceries in bulk.  As long as you have the storage space in your home, start buying things in bulk, especially toiletries.  For household goods like toilet paper, paper towels, and napkins, you can make out quite well buying a bulk package.  Also, remember - BUY GENERIC! 

7. Pack your lunch.  I can't tell you how much money you can save if you STOP buying lunch out everyday.  Take the extra 10 minutes the night before to get your lunch ready for the next day whether it's a salad, a sandwich, or leftovers that you heat up.  You can easily save at least $10 every day doing this and that's $50 a week! 

8. Make your own coffee.  Again, just brew some coffee at home in the morning and put it in a thermos as you head out.  It can not only save you time waiting in line at the local coffee shop but it really does save you money.  Plus, all you have to do is push the button then go about your morning until it's ready. 

9. Don't buy extended warranties.  99% of the time you don't need them and never use them.  Just take better care of your stuff!

10.  Start meal planning. Check out my blog post on how to start meal planning if you need some help. You'll cut off the excess impulse buys from the grocery store and you'll make use of the existing food items you already own. 

11. Buy frozen produce instead of fresh.  When you buy fresh produce, you run the risk of it spoiling before you can use it.  That's a waste of food and money over time.  So instead of fresh produce, buy frozen whenever you can.  I buy frozen for all of my veggies! 

12. Stop drinking bottled water.  Not only is it better for the environment but it'll save you money.  Buy a nice reusable water bottle for yourself when you're on the go and invest in a water filter for your faucet. The price of plastic water bottles really adds up over time, trust me! 

13. Stop using plastic baggies. I switched over to LunchSkins and did a whole blog post about it!  Instead of wasting plastic baggies all the time, I use washable and reusable LunchSkins bags! 

14. Use wifi on your phone anytime it's available.  It will stop you from using up your cellular data and then you can re-evaluate your data plan and decrease it to save even more money each month. 

15. Sign up for the local library near you.  Instead of purchasing books you can get them FOR FREE!!! There are so many reasons to use a library but at the end of the day saving money is definitely the main reason.  

16. Do your own nails.  Listen, I love pedicures too but if you are able to do your own pedicures at home - DO IT! Invest in a little manicure kit from your local drug store and get to it! You can save so much money each month! 

17. Unsubscribe from promotional emails.  These are temptations to spend so each time you get one, click unsubscribe until you don't get ANY in your inbox.   

18. Do a No-Spend Month Challenge.  You can use my tips for a successful no-spend month here.

These are just some of the ways you can save money each month.  Do you have other ways you can share? 

Frugal Living Hacks to Save You Money Each Month

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