Styling Your Yard with Flowers

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Styling Your Yard with Flowers

Flowers are a great way to style your yard and the front of your home which can be seen by basically anyone that passes by.  But some people tell me they just don't get it.  They don't know which flowers to put where and how many should go in one spot and why the flower pot they filled up has too many flowers in too small of a space.  Relax! I have a few helpful tips for styling your yard with flowers this Spring and Summer! 

Use pots and garden flags.

I think one of the cutest ways to add some floral style to your yard is by taking a decorative garden flag and surrounding it with some small potted flowers.   I like getting tiny pots but then putting one larger flower in it that grows nice and tall. These dahlias always look good in pots. 

Create a cluster of potted flowers. 

This always looks pretty on walkway corners because it makes a nice little border out of the otherwise open space.  I just take a bunch of flower pots and clump them together.  It makes it super easy to water them as well.  

Make a properly sized potted flower arrangement. 
I love making my own flower arrangements which saves me tons of money versus buying in the store.  The key is to have a grower, a shower, and a spreader.  A grower is a tall plant, usually what I do is pick some sort of grass.  A shower is the pretty colorful flowers that will attract bees.  And a spreader is a low lying flower that spreads throughout the pot and gives you ground cover so you can't see the bare spots in the dirt.  I usually get 1 grower, 2 showers, and 1-2 spreaders.  I stagger where I place them with the grower in the middle. 

Hanging plants are great to give dimension. 
So it's cool to see a huge amount of pretty colors all over the ground in someone's garden but what I really love is when there are a few hanging planters that are high up.  It adds depth, dimension, and a modern touch to the entire look of the garden. 

How do you arrange the flowers in your yard? 

Styling Your Yard with Flowers

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  1. I think this year will be the year I add flowers to my yard.

  2. My daughter could use these tips as it's her first year with a house!!


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