Ask Away Blog: Is Your Family Ready For A Dog?

Is Your Family Ready For A Dog?

Monday, May 13, 2019

Dogs are truly amazing animals, so it's no wonder that many people love to keep them as pets.

However, as cute as they are, as loyal as they are, and as much fun as they are, they are also a big responsibility, so before you go rushing off to your nearest dog shelter to pick up a pooch, it's best to consider if you really should get a dog or not, because as tragic as it is, so many people get a dog without really thinking it through and then these poor dogs end up either on the street or in shelters - some of which are kill shelters, and this is a truly heartbreaking thing that could be avoided, so please take some time to really think about it before getting a dog and consider if it's the best thing for the dog or not.

In this post we went to share with you some questions you can ask yourself before you make the decision to get a dog or not.

Do you have the time?

Do you really have the time for a dog? Dogs take up a lot of your time, between walks, feeding and all the other things that they need, it is a big commitment to have a dog, and you can’t simply just leave them for hours to fend for themselves, so before you decide whether or not to get a dog, you need to look honestly at whether or not you have time to really take care of a dog since this is not going to be fair on the dog if you're never there.

Does your lifestyle suit it?

If you're someone who has to travel for work a lot, or you just like to travel, then perhaps getting a dog is not the best decision.

Dogs need stability and they need routine, so they can't just be travelling with you wherever you go, and if you're not going to be there to look after them, then it's probably best to consider not getting one after all. So before rushing out and getting a dog, decide if your lifestyle really is suitable for a dog or not.

Can you afford it?

You should always get a dog from a shelter and adopt it instead of buying one the, but even though you may save on the initial cost of a dog, they they can be expensive to keep. From things like pet insurance, vet bills as they get older, and also just things that they need on a daily basis, such as their food, their treats and even accessories such as dog walking treat bags, dog thyroid medication, water bottles, and toys that you might want to get them on a regular basis, these things can all mount up, and it can become an expense, so making sure that you can actually afford to look after a dog.

Do you really want one?

Getting a dog is a big decision and it's not fair to a dog to get one if you're really not wanting to get one - it's also not fair to you since you're the one who's going to have to take care of it, so if you feel like you're being pressured by your children or your partner then it's time to get some boundaries in place and let them know your reasons for not wanting to get a dog.

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  1. Great post. Have a good day.

  2. I have thought about getting another dog.


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