How To Find A Hobby

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Have you ever had one of those lulls in life where you straight up tell yourself that you need a hobby?  Well, I have and I know a lot of people around me have said the same about themselves.   A hobby is a great thing because it's a way to productively spend your time doing something you enjoy.  There are so many hobbies out there based on what you're looking to do.  Here's how to find the right hobby for yourself. 

Find something you're interested in. 
People always say that they don't know what to do as a hobby but they're really over thinking it.  You just need to figure out what you enjoy.   If you had to list to someone 10 things you like or would like to do - you can certainly think of one thing that can become a hobby.  It definitely needs to be something you're interested in though because you want to be able to pay attention and gain knowledge for your hobby.  For instance, if you are interested in wood working, you'll need to learn more about the tools to use, and yes, there's even a site for that -

Find something you're good at. 
Are you good at getting crafty and coming up with creative and unique ways to do something? Maybe you should look into re purposing old furniture and junk into something usable and beautiful!  If you love being neat and organized and coming up with practical storage solutions, organizing may be a great choice for you. 

Find something you can realistically make time for. 
Some people have pipe dreams of taking on huge projects as their hobby.  But they can't even get through one coat of paint on a chair because they have an extremely busy life and 2 kids at home.  You only want to take on a hobby that you can make time for without adding stress to your life, otherwise what's the point of taking on that hobby? 

Find something you can afford. 
Some hobbies can be REALLY expensive.   If the supplies you need for your hobby or the fees involved (renting space, etc.) are too much for you, you should reconsider and find a more affordable hobby.  A good hobby should add nothing but joy to your life and it should NEVER add stress or debt. Free hobbies like riding a bike (aside from the cost of a bike up front) are a great choice.  You can also be very financially savvy and make a little spot in your monthly budget to throw some cash towards your hobby.  The rule would be to only invest in supplies for your hobby when you have the amount of money you need set aside. 

Hobbies enrich our lives.  They help us handle our frustrations by keeping us busy and putting our minds at ease.  They help us spend our free time or down time in a productive yet enjoyable manner.  Imagine how bored you would be if all you did was wake up, drive to work, drive home, eat quick, and fall asleep.   You need to fill the in between time even if it's only once a month, with something that really makes you feel good inside when you do it. 

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