How I Stay Sweat-Proof in Spring

Friday, May 17, 2019

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If you know me personally, you can easily attest to the fact that I despise being hot and I can't stand humid weather.  So I struggle A LOT in Spring and Summer.  When it comes to my outfit, I usually try to wear something that's stylish but still breathable.   So today I'm letting you in on 2 little secrets that I wear underneath my clothing. 

The first secret is those beautiful Montelle Intimates Seashell Colored Biker Shorts that I wear under any dress or skirt I want.   I don't know how the heck people DON'T wear stuff like this!!! 

It completely prevents chafing because it has an actual anti-chafing panel that protects your thighs from that obnoxious rub.  It's also naturally static resistant so your dress or skirt won't get stuck to it.  Really, no one can figure out you're wearing them.   These biker shorts are super soft and very breathable.  The silicone band at the opening of the leg is awesome because it prevents the shorts from riding up which is another problem I used to have.  There are no side seams so again, no one will know you're wearing these and there's beautiful lace trim to add some style.  I am telling you that if you wear dresses or skirts YOU  NEED THESE!!! 

The second secret is the Montelle Intimates BodyBliss Breeze Collection Bralette. I LOVE layering but I don't love getting overheated with too many bulky layers so this is the perfect bralette for me.  
This is actually great for lounging around and sleeping in as well but I especially love wearing it layered with a tank top.  It has super soft material and it's eco-friendly fibers are made from self-renewable Beechwood.  The fabric is super breathable so I really don't get sweaty just from wearing an extra layer on the top.  I love the lace and I love the black because it's universal and can go under anything.  The straps are really comfortable and yes, you can adjust them. 

Here's a shot of it up close.  It really just looks like it could be part of the shirt I'm wearing over it. I actually got a bunch of compliments as well!  You guys have to check out Montelle Intimates!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket  photo googleplus.png  photo 23838acc-c845-40e1-a704-cde81cdac700_zpsjuxfuv35.jpg

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  1. So going to have to check this company out.


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