Tips to Keep Your Dog Happy and Occupied

Thursday, March 28, 2019

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Tips to Keep Your Dog Happy and Occupied

I've never had an issue with my dogs getting into anything they shouldn't and I truly believe that's because I always provide them with something to do even if I'm not home.  There's no reason for them to be bored and wandering into mischief in the house and today I'm going to share my tips with you so you can keep YOUR dog happy and occupied. 

Plenty of Toys

Yea, they may seem spoiled, but I can tell you there is always a HUGE selection of toys for my pups to choose from.  There's squeaking toys, ball toys, cuddle toys, and even toys that they're so puzzled by it occupies them just by having them try to figure out what the heck it is. 

Comfy Beds

If a dog can't get comfortable to sleep, they're more likely to start snooping around the house for something to do or maybe even try to jump up on forbidden furniture.   Now, don't get me wrong because in my house no furniture is off limit for the babies but I will say they each have a bed and they seem to love laying in them. 

If you have an elderly dog you can even get beds that are made of foamy material so it's easier on their joints and bones. 

Something to Chew

When it comes to chewing, I always try to use something that also has health benefits for my gang.  Ark Naturals Brushless- Toothpaste Chews at Chewy are a great way to do that!  Each treat is made in the USA and has abrasive ridges on the outside which help scrub dirty teeth to get them clean.  Inside there is Ark Naturals' patented toothpaste that helps fight plaque and tartar.  There's even clove, cinnamon, alfalfa, and vanilla to help combat bad breath.  These are grain and gluten free so they are even good for sensitive tummies.  My dogs absolutely LOVE these chews. 

What do you do to keep your dog occupied? 

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