5 Reasons Why Women Are Better Drivers Than Men

Friday, March 23, 2018


Woman drivers have always been the butt of men’s jokes and comments. These sexist barbs fuel the age-old opinion that men are better at driving than women are. True? Not at all. More men than women die in road accidents every year according to statistics, so it’s time to end this argument once and for all. The next time a male driver opens his ignorant mouth to suggest women should be behind the kitchen counter and not behind the wheel, you can add the following reasons as to why women are (dare we say it) better drivers than their male counterparts.

Reason #1: Women aren’t fuelled by testosterone

Testosterone has a significant part to play in men’s driving behaviour. They are more likely to get angry on the road, engage in road rage, and show off their driving skills in a bid to impress others. While women will get angry on the road, it isn’t fuelled by the hormonal influences that account for the aggressive and
annoying behaviours that men display. Thanks science!

Reason #2: Women are fuelled by estrogen

according to science, women are safer on the roads due to estrogen. Because it boosts concentration levels, women are less likely to get distracted by anything else happening on the road, and more likely to focus on the important matter of driving. Estrogen gives women a longer attention span, too, so even on longer journeys, women are more likely to stay focussed over longer periods.

Reason #3: Women have motherly instincts

The jury is out on whether the
motherly instinct actually exists within women genetically, but on a social level, most women have been brought up to care for others. This plays a part when out on the road, as women are more likely to drive defensively, caring for themselves and other road users in the process. Women don’t feel like ‘they own the road’ either, so generally speaking, are more likely to show respect and courtesy to other drivers.

Reason #4: Women are less likely to get into a road accident
It’s easy to make general statements about men and women drivers, but sometimes we need to look at statistics as evidence to back up a claim. According to a New York traffic study, women are less likely to call on
car crash attorneys (unless they want to make a non-fault claim), as 80% of accidents have been caused by men. That is a telling statistic, and one which may be backed up by the other factors on this short list.

Reason #5: Women are less likely to act recklessly
According to
this article, men are more likely to drive under the influence of drink than women. Considering this is one of the biggest factors for many accidents on the road today, it shows how women are less likely to act recklessly when getting into a car. Studies have also suggested that women are less likely to disobey other traffic laws, meaning that once again, men are not the better drivers they think they are!


Are women better drivers than men? Not always, as it depends on a case-by-case basis. Still, science and statistics suggest that on average, women are safer and less likely to behave stupidly on the roads. There will always be a battle of the sexes (unfortunately), but at least you have evidence on your side the next time a guy makes a dumbass comment about your driving ability.

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