5 Tips for Creating a Functional Kitchen

Tuesday, December 7, 2021


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Creating your dream home can be overwhelming. Sure, there is the house itself but that’s only the first step to truly creating what you want. A lot goes into creating a dream home such as the size of a space, the colors, the mood it evokes, the d├ęcor, and so much more. Another thing that needs to go into creating a space is the functionality of the space itself. What’s the point of creating a beautiful space if it isn’t functional or even comfortable to be in?

Your home, no matter the room, needs to be functional, comfortable and needs to be livable as well. The kitchen is no exception to this, in fact, the kitchen may be one of the most important rooms when it comes to functionality because this is where people cook, eat, and clean each day. These are some helpful tips for creating a functional kitchen.
Get organized

If you’re on Instagram or TikTok then you may already know about the kitchen organization trend that’s happening on those two platforms. Hundreds, if not millions of people are working towards clearing their homes, especially their kitchens. There are videos showing people organizing their refrigerators, pantries, and even their spice racks.

Getting organized and knowing exactly where everything is will be the first step to creating a more functional kitchen for yourself and your household. This is going to make cooking and cleaning a breeze in the kitchen. Plus, this will also help you keep track of groceries and staple pantry items that may be needed.
Know your kitchen appliances

Not only is it important to know and understand the lifespan of appliances, but it’s best to understand the use of these appliances as well. Why buy a rice cooker when you already have an Instant Pot that can cook rice, right? Having an understanding of your kitchen appliances and all of the functions that they have can prevent you from feeling the need to go buy the newest and trendiest kitchen appliance (air-fryer being a great example of this).
Ample walking space

The idea of owning a kitchen island sounds marvelous, doesn’t it? But it may not be so marvelous if you have a tiny kitchen. When it comes to a small kitchen, every little space counts. You need to have ample walking space from all sides of the kitchen, and having a kitchen island may deter that.
Pullout garbage and recycle cabinet

Kitchen garbage can really make the freshest and cleanest looking kitchen reek with odor. One of the best ways to combat this would be to have a special kitchen cabinet where you can pull out the trash can and recycling bin. This way, your kitchen will still have tons of space for walking but it also helps with blocking out foul odors that your trash or recycling bin may have.

Another trendy thing happening right now is labels, if you’re someone who puts their flour or sugar in jars, then make sure to label that to avoid any sort of confusion.

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