How To Choose and Maximize Promotional Products

Friday, December 3, 2021


Promotional products can really boost your marketing mix effectiveness by a large amount. There is nothing better to spend your marketing budget on than a promotional item that not only helps your customer to remember your business, but that will also help your customer to spread your message without having to do any work. Promotional items are a very effective way to do this. Not only do promotional items help to increase and improve your brand recognition and your message, but they are also a very simple way to show your customers that you care and appreciate their business and support. What’s more, being given a free item can also be a great first point of contact that can attract new business for you.

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Promotional items don’t have to be the obvious things like t-shirts; They can be anything that you can put a logo on from buttons, stickers, pencils, coffee mugs, wristbands, sunglasses, stationary, or technology, all from companies like 4allpromos. It could even be a personalized bag you use for delivery or gifts.

The important thing is that the item that you give away is something that your audience will keep, so it needs to be useful to your target audience, and that it maintains your brand identity.

Here are a few things you need to remember when choosing a promotional product.

1. Who is your audience? Make sure that what you give away is something your audience will actually want to use.

2. How will you distribute it? Before you choose a product, you need to figure out how you will give it away, so that your product is the right scale. If you are doing an in-person event you should use a smaller item so people don’t have to carry around a large, heavy item all day. If you are using an online promotion you might find that a larger scale product will spark more interest and engagement

3. When will you interact? For an in-person event, you need to use your promotional items as a point of contact. This can be starting a conversation or finding a reason for your audience to check back in with you, such as a chance to win a larger prize. If you are using online promotion, you want to focus on creating engagement and buzz.

4. What are you asking? If your audience doesn’t know what to do after getting your promotional item, they will do nothing. Make a clear call to action so that your promotion doesn’t go to waste.

5. Plan ahead. Nothing is worse than a last-minute rush to get the right item in the right quantity in the right time frame. Plan ahead so you can make sure you are getting quality products at an affordable price.

6. Brand it. Anyone can get a pen from just about anywhere, but they can’t get yours with your brand. Make sure whatever promotional item you choose is branded so your audience has a unique item that reminds them of you.

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