Why You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of Your Body

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

It seems that no one is happy with their body, and that is a big shame as our bodies are the most wonderful things and really we should be grateful for them in every way, no matter what size or shape or in what condition they might be in. Impossible images in the media serve to make us feel bad or persuade us to want more than we have, and that just makes us miserable instead of allowing us to enjoy the moment and relish in the fact that we are simply alive. Sometimes that really is enough. If you’re not convinced, please read our thoughts on why you should never be ashamed of your amazing, beautiful body.


Photo by Binti Malu from Pexels

You Can Change It

If the reason you are feeling bad is because of something you can change, then that’s a good thing. It may not feel like it, but whatever it is that is causing you distress, whether it be your weight, your health, the condition of your skin (many people suffer from acne throughout their lives, not just in their teenage years), a hearing problem, or anything else is – with work from you and help from others – just a temporary thing. If it can be changed and fixed (that is, you concentrate on doing more exercise so that you are healthier and lose weight, or you speak to a specialist about what can be done about your skin, or you learn more about hearing aids, and so on), then go for it, and you will feel better and more confident once it is done.

You Can’t Change It

Sometimes there will be issues about ourselves that we don’t like that we cannot change. Our height, for example, is fixed at the point we stop growing. Disabilities that we were born with or that we suffer after an accident requiring a car crash lawyer or through illness aren’t always possible to cure. However, although it may be difficult to do some things in life, and that might make us feel sad or uncomfortable and ashamed of the way we look, for example, if there is nothing that you can do, then shame is the last thing you should be feeling. This is you, and everyone is different – everyone has their own faults and scars, whether you can see them or not. It may take some time to start to think about your disabilities or unchangeable physical aspects, but once you do, it will change your entire outlook on life.

You’re Not The Only One

Although everyone is unique in their own way, in general, everyone is very similar to one another, and if you are feeling ashamed about something that you don’t like about yourself, the chances are other people – many of them – will be feeling exactly the same. It might help if you search online for forums and support groups where you will always find like-minded people. Look for the positive and discover the stories where people overcame their ‘shame’ and became happier with themselves and their lives. These are the people you should connect with and share your thoughts with. When you realize that your body is wonderful and that everyone has something about themselves they’re not happy with, you’ll realize it’s pointless feeling that shame; it’s far better just to accept and move on.

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