How To Help A Parent Age In Place

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

One thing that you’ll notice as your parents get older is that they want to stay in place as long as possible. Most people don't like to have the conversation about moving to a convalescent home. Much of the time it’s because they don't feel like they’re old, and residential homes have a stigma attached to them that most senior parents don't want to be a part of. They want to stay in their current home for as long as possible, and you can be there to help them to do that.

It’s hard as an adult to deal with senior parents, but when you do you’re going to help them to be safe and keep their independence for longer. You’re going to ensure that they are where they want to be as they get old, which is so important to them in their lives. It may feel like it’s unsafe for your parents to stay at home, where they don't have carers or round the clock help. But it can be the best thing that you do for them and there are plenty of ways that you can help. Let’s take a look!

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1. Talk to them about it. Do your parents want stair lifts for curved stairs? Do they know their options for staying at home? You have to communicate with your parents about their options for aging in place, and asking what’s important to them and listening carefully to their answers really does matter to them. They’re old; they’re not dead!

2. Address your own concerns. If you have worries about them aging in place, talk to them about those. Voice your own concerns as their child that are very valid! There are very simple ways to prevent falls and to help them maintain independence, so talk to them about those and about how you worry about their safety. They’ll appreciate your concern.

3. Have a backup plan. There will always be plans for emergencies that are necessary and it’s vital that you have a back up plan for your parents in emergencies. Consider installing panic buttons and alarms, and think about cords in the bathrooms in case of emergencies that can be connected to the emergency services. You should also consider installing a phone port in each room of importance so that they’re never too far from being able to contact someone for help.

4. Have a plan for changes. Having an agency on hand to help with any immediate changes to your parents daily routine is so important. To help them age in place, you need to have some backup in the form of a carer or an agency of carers to take over if you can’t be there. This will help them to be as independent as possible for longer, and you can ensure that they age exactly where they want to age.

Parents need us as they get older, but that doesn't mean they’ll always be happy they do. Be there where you can, and make sure that you keep communicating along the way.

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