Ideas for Your Winter Bucket List

Monday, December 6, 2021


 I love bucket lists because they feel so great as you do things on them but also because it makes the planning of your seasonal activities much more exciting.  Winter is just gearing up so here's some ideas of things to add to your Winter bucket list!

Sledding and Snow Activities
Make it a point to go sledding, build a snowman, build a snow fort, or just plain get outside and actually play in and enjoy the snow.  This will surely make you feel like a kid again! 
Holiday Light Displays
There are lots of places that have neighborhoods with special displays, and even areas (if you're in PA - Hershey Sweet Lights) that let you drive through a big display.  If you don't have either of those near you, just pack the family into the car and drive around nearby neighborhoods to see the lights! 
Bake a New Recipe
Whether it's cookies, brownies, or something in between, try out a new recipe or two.  If you don't want the temptation of eating it all yourself, gift some to neighbors, coworkers, etc.  Get creative and take the extra time to really do your best. 

Clean Out Your Closet
This is a great winter activity since you're stuck in the house. Ask yourself if you saw each item at the store, would you buy it? If not, donate it! Cleaning out and organizing closets is something I do every year in the winter even though I've done it all at once in the past.  A yearly once over never disappoints me.  It's also a great time to do this so you can see what clothing needs replaced so you can go shopping in the Spring. 

Go Seed Shopping
It's never too early to plan your Spring garden so check out some seed catalogs and get your orders in! If you normally go to a local nursery for your starter plants in your garden, use this time to map out 2022's garden and what flowers and plants you want.  This can even give you an idea of how much you should start setting aside so you can purchase everything you want. 

Plan Home Projects
This is also a fantastic time to plan out the next year's projects.  Maybe you have a room you've been wanting to repaint, some furniture that needs repaired, or you want to upgrade a bathroom.  Now is the time to plan, budget, and map out exactly how you want your projects to go.  And you can add doing some of these projects to your Winter bucket list to make you feel extra productive! 

Go see a Musical 
Holidays are a great time for musicals or plays.  Look up your local theatres to find one near you.  Make a whole family outing of it too so you have it as a memory everyone can look back on someday. 

 What's going on YOUR Winter Bucket List?

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