How to Prepare NOW for Next Year

Wednesday, December 22, 2021


You are about to enter some weird times.  It will be chaotic before the holidays but as soon as Christmas is over, so begins the lull before New Year's Day and  after that begins the cold, dreary, month of January.  But you can start preparing for everything that next year holds for you RIGHT NOW but getting yourself ready immediately with the advice in this post.

Get a Calendar
Get your 2022 calendar and start filling it out now.  Use this year's calendar to fill in birthdays and other important annual dates that you can carry over.  Add any appointments you have in the next two months so you don't forget about them.   Then on January 1st, you're already prepared for the year ahead when it comes to your calendar! 
Work on Taxes
Now is the time to gather the documents you need, and make a check list of the documents you have to wait for.  Don't put off doing your taxes, ESPECIALLY if you are getting a return. 
Set Fitness Goals
Now is the time to set long term fitness and wellness goals and taking action to make them happen. Sign up for a gym membership, do some research on workout videos online, and make up a cool chart to track your weight loss! 
Review Your Budget
Now is a good a time as ever since the holidays are done for you to look at your budget.  Review all monthly expenses and see what you can reduce or eliminate altogether!  

Make 2022 Appointments
Make all the necessary appointments for 2022 that you can including vet appointments, regular doctor appointments, appointments you've been putting off (mammogram!!), and anything else you can think of.  This way, they don't creep up on you suddenly, leaving you slim pickings for dates and times that work for you. 

Schedule and Plan Days Off
If you plan to take some time off for vacation, now is the time to plan it, book it, start saving for it, and marking it on your calendar so you know to request time off work closer to your vacay! I go through my calendar every year and pick specific days to take off "just because".  I like doing it because if I wait to do them throughout the year, I tend to feel guilty for taking a day off so I just don't. 

Plan Home Improvements
The same goes for you home improvements.  Make a list of the projects you want done this year, set a timeline for them, make a budget, and start taking action when the time comes.  

Hopefully you have some time in the next few weeks to get ready for the entire next year. What else do you do to prepare for the year ahead?

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