Clearing Your Home for a Decluttered Christmas

Thursday, December 2, 2021


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The holidays are an exceptional time of the year. And it's the one season where you open up your home to friends and family a little more than usual. Yet the year's accumulations of stuff you don't need can become an unsightly experience. A decluttered Christmas removes some of the stress with a blank canvas for festive decoration.
Adequate Transport

Decluttering isn't simply throwing everything away. But you need to assess what you need and what you don't. It might surprise you that the average American household contains $30,000 of unused stuff. Stuff that is either littered around the home or stored in the basement and attic. Should you wish to remove excess items from your home, you are going to need adequate transport. Clutter isn't only small items. You might want to remove bulky items. Therefore, the family car won't do. Instead, consider hiring a van or truck from a company like
Remember the Rules

Decluttering for the Christmas period will open up your home to receive decorations without taking up space and making your home appear unkempt. Yet you shouldn't whirlwind around the house and bin things you might regret later on. The basic rules of decluttering are:

If you don't use it, remove it.

-Got more than one? Remove the other.
-Create digital copies of photos.
-Place items where they should be.
-Try not to hold onto something out of guilt.

If you feel terrible about throwing stuff away, you could always donate items that others can use. Toys, games, decorative items, furniture, and clothing are in high demand by charities over the festive period.
Don't Replace Old Stuff

Further to the rules, try not to fill the missing gaps with new items. You are making space to open up the energies and aesthetics of your home. Less stuff that provides no benefit takes a load off your mind. So it is counterintuitive to replace your old things with new things you will just get rid of with your next declutter. Probably next spring. And since it is Christmas, you will need the freed-up space for seasonal decoration such as lights, figurines, displays, and of course, the tree. If you really want to get new stuff after the holidays, wait until the January sales to save money.
Decorate Contemporary

How we decorate for Christmas changes all the time. In the 80s, you probably adorned your home with bulky and gaudy multicolored lights, an oversized tree, and masses of red tinsel. Today, you may adopt a more minimalist approach. Streamlined trees, energy-efficient, white LED lights, and sleek silver streamers are a contemporary approach. Following a declutter, this approach is more fitting since the point is to fill the space of any room with functional yet unimposing decorative items.
When It's Over, It's Over

With the magic of the season, it can sometimes be challenging to let it go. You might be tempted to keep the tree a week longer or keep your living room adorned with beautiful lights. But you didn't remove your previous clutter just to replace it with more stuff you don't need. When Christmas and New Year are over, it's time to say goodbye. As much as you want to keep the beautiful decorations up, they don't provide any function and take up valuable space. Additionally, it's the rarity of seasonal decoration that makes it unique, and there's next year to look forward to.

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