10 Skills To Master During the Holidays

Monday, December 20, 2021


The holidays can be a very trying time, specifically the week of Christmas and New Year's because everything is out of whack and happens fast.  But of course, lessons can be learned from every difficult thing in life and holidays are no different.  Here are 10 skill to master during the next two weeks.

1. Social Skills
Yes, you may dread your company's holiday party, but its important you go and act right. Ask colleagues you don't speak with very often how they are doing and what's new with them.  Don't overshare with people you aren't close with but also prepare yourself to answer questions.  This is important with family gatherings as well.  If you don't want to talk politics, stay neutral and direct the conversation away from anything that gets too heavy. 
2. Cooking a Side Dish
If you have been invited somewhere that requires you to bring a dish, you need to do it.  Look up great side dish ideas, gather the ingredients, and start cooking.  This is actually a great skill to have all year round.  I can't tell you how many people have told me that when they experienced a tragedy, they felt so grateful for neighbors and friends that dropped off some sort of food to eat.  Nourishment is self care and self love.  Giving someone something to eat and nourish themselves with speaks a lot about you as a person. 
3. Patience
Yes, patience is a virtue and the hardest thing to deal with especially this time of year.  Lines will be long at the stores, traffic will be heavier, and packages may not arrive the day you want them.  There are things out of your control that you need to just accept.  And anything in your control you need to vow to do better with, like not waiting till the last minute to go Christmas Shopping when you basically have 365 days notice before Christmas EVERY YEAR. 
4. Gratitude
This is a great time to reflect on all you have in your life and all the good you've experienced during the past year.  I actually keep a Good Moments Jar in my home office and add any good things that have happened during the year.  On New Year's Eve I sit down and read through all the papers I put inside it and it helps me be grateful for the good things, no matter how many bad things have happened. 
5. Living in the Moment
Take the week between Christmas and New Year's ot just exist.  The rush is over.  You may have time to spend with your family and friends and you should simply just enjoy it. Live in the moment. Enjoy the beauty of lights, sounds of laughter, and good food eaten togethr with the people that mean the most to you. 
6. Selflessness
This is the time of year to really practice holiday cheer.  Do good deeds for strangers whether it's paying for their coffee, letting a Christmas shopper in line in front of you, or baking cookies for an elderly neighbor.  Kindness should be shown all year round but now is a really great time to polish that skill. 
7. Self Control
If you are working on your physical health, learn to control yourself with food.  Take only ONE cookie from the tray, don't get seconds right away after Christmas Dinner, and get up and go on that run before you start cooking for your guests that arrive later in the day.  This is also a good time to practice self control around difficult extended family members and financial self control with your budget.  Don't spend more than you need to. Make a Christmas Budget and put money towards it throughout the year. I have a blog post on how to budget for the holidays that is super helpful with that! 
8. Focus on Experiences
Instead of asking for or gifting THINGS that someone may not really want, focus on experiences.  Make coupons for special things like offering babysitting to your sibling so they can go on a date night and you watch their kids.   Get creative with what you ask for by choosing gift cards for restaurant you can use on a date night or tickets to a fun event.  Experiences are a much better investment than unnecessary things that we feel the need to impulse buy. 
9. Self Awareness
Remember there are people that may have family that lives far away and they can't see them at the holidays, or maybe they have no family left and they will be alone.  When you complain about the holidays, reflect on how your complaints ("I am dreading my in-laws coming over this year") may make others feel.  Remember that for some people the holidays remind them of what they've lost or the money they don't have to give their kids as nice of gifts as their classmates.  Stay humble, not just at the holidays, but year round.  And remember when you notice people struggling with these things, be kind to them. 
10. Staying Organized
There are so many aspects of organizing that come with the holidays like schedules, meal menus, and decoration storage.  Now is a great time to work on those aspects of organizing in your own home.  Take advantage of the time after Christmas to work on organizing your decorations after you take them down.  Start preparing a way to budget for the holidays next year but start it NOW.   The holidays can be chaotic but the month or so after the is a great time to work on getting your life organized in all aspects. 
What skills do you still need to master? 

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