What Are The Health Benefits Of Coffee?

Thursday, December 23, 2021

There are few things to kick off your day quite like that perfect cup of morning coffee. However, much has been made over the years about where coffee stands in terms of its health impact. Drinking too much caffeine can definitely have some undesirable effects, but can drinking it in moderation be good for you? Here are some of the health benefits that are worth keeping in mind.

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Improves energy levels and alertness

Of course, one of the best-known benefits of caffeine is that it can wake you up and give you a boost of energy. This isn’t just an assumption, it’s a proven benefit of caffeine, helping the brain fire up particular neurons which can improve not just your energy, but your cognitive abilities, memory, and might even offer a mood boost. Of course, drink too much and develop a caffeine addiction, and the crash after the high can be pretty rough, so drink it in moderation.

It might burn fat for you

You might have heard that coffee can help in burning fat and, indeed, some people will take caffeine pills to do just that. This is true, based on its ability to boost your metabolism. Boosting your metabolism effectively means increasing the metabolic rate at which the body converts fat into energy. There’s more research to be done into whether or not coffee can specifically help fight obesity, but its impact on the metabolic rate is well-known by now.

Helping your heart health

Too much coffee can lead to increased blood pressure, which can be quite bad for you. However, people who drink coffee regularly have shown a lower chance of developing cardiovascular disease. But is coffee a blood thinner? Despite the fact that you might have heard that coffee can thin your blood and reduce clots, that’s actually not true. If you’re looking for foods that help thin the blood, you need to look elsewhere.

It may boost your athletic performance

Coffee isn’t just a boost for your brain, it’s a boost for your body as well. The caffeine in it not only helps the body break down fat for energy but can also increase the levels of adrenaline in the blood. While too much can lead to an increased risk of anxiety, a managed amount can prepare your body for physical exertion, allowing you to push your body a little further when exercising.

Can it help protect your brain?

Some of the benefits of coffee aren’t quite as well-proven as the others. There still needs to be some research done in the area, but coffee may be able to help with your brain health. One of the bits of evidence pointing to this is that people who drink coffee have a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in their lifetime.

Again, moderation is the key here. For the average adult, four cups of brewed coffee are considered the safe amount. Depending on your size and weight, this can differ a little, but it’s best to keep under this region.

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