6 Ways to Hibernate this Winter

Wednesday, December 1, 2021


Hibernation is totally acceptable this time of year and I love doing it.  But so many people don't really know how to slow down.  This time of year (winter) is perfect for hibernating because it's cold out, most people aren't out and about as much, and you won't get judged for saying no to plans. So here's how you can embrace your inner bear and hibernate this winter!

Say No to Plans
Just say no.  Dedicate a couple months to NO plans.  Commit to yourself that you will say no to these plans as they come up.  Don't make yourself feel obligated to do anything.  In fact, you can look at the next 2 or 3 months on your calendar and start planning your own things so you really do have prior commitments. Maybe you want to organize the house one weekend, work on crafts the next, and even just go off the grid with your phone off on another weekend. Do it and stop being afraid! 
Pamper yourself
Plan activities that will pamper yourself like taking warm baths on Saturday nights in the tub, doing your own nails every couple weeks, and using fancy face masks to take care of your skin.  Take advantage of this time away from the world to get yourself all pretty for when you do make your debut again. 
Make a Reading/Watch List
Decide what shows or movies you want to watch this winter. Make your winter reading list and head to your local library to get those books for free! When you do things like this you are literally planning this down time for yourself by getting the things you'll need during it.  

It's okay to deactivate from social media or remove certain apps from your phone.  Sometimes a break is just what you need.  Let yourself really hibernate away from everyone.  When you’re ready to re-connect, use a centurylink internet plan that offers top-value internet with no annual plan.

Work on self improvement
If you have things you've been wanting to work on like fixing up your resume, working on your website, or creating a marketing plan for a product or business, go ahead and do that.  Take the time you need for this and actually get it done.  Hibernation doesn't mean you can't be productive. 

Sleep more
Sleep is important and we tend to deprive ourselves of it so when it's dark out early and there's not much to do outside when it's freezing cold, relax! Go to bed early, take a midday nap on your lunch break, and invest in comfier sheets or pillows for your bed.  You won't feel as guilty sleeping more in the cold months so that you are rested for Spring time!
How do you hibernate this time of year? Share your tips below!

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