Blair Ritchey Review

Friday, October 19, 2012

Blair Ritchey has a fabulous line of simplistic yet functional handbags.  These handbags are luxurious and unique and come in beautiful designs and colors.  And what I really think is cool is that Blair Ritchey grew up in Pennsylvania!!  I have to support my state right?

I received a Mini Lulu Foldover.  It’s so soft and is made of suede.  I love the Light Grey color as it goes with a lot in my wardrobe.  It’s easy to hold and carry but fits enough of my necessity items to keep me satisfied for a night out on the town. 

It’s so  fabulous!  I can carry it folded or I can carry it unfolded and it looks great either way.  The slouchy structure is very fashionable and the gold metal hardware gives it the perfect look.  There’s also a detachable tassel and a black brushed canvas lining.  At 8x8 inches big this is the ideal size as a clutch! 

Definitely consider purchasing from Blair Ritchey next time you are in need of the perfect evening clutch!

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