Outfit of the Day: Layering and Warm Boots

Monday, October 29, 2012

Since it's getting a lot colder, I try to dress warm even on casual days at work.  Since I have to walk to my building I opt for warmer shoes.  Here, I rocked a trend of a black see through sweater over a light pink/white short sleeved shirt.  Layering worked out in my favor as it kept me warm all day at work. The boots were amazing for walking both outside and in!

What I wore:
Jeans - Celebrity Pink Jeans (similar here)

Boots - Bearpaw Shoes
Tank Top - TJ Maxx
Black Sweater Top - TJ Maxx  (similar here)
Necklace - Kat Martucci Designs

I love casual days!

Here's a similar look to this that I put together for you to purchase from: 
cable knit sweater look

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