Building Your Wardrobe for Summer

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We covered Spring so what about Summer?

For Summer you want to pull out all of the lighter clothing that you have out to wear in the Spring.  You can embrace thin fabrics and bright colors once again.   Make sure you embrace the sundress.

Here are some things you should have as add ons for a Summer wardrobe:
Tees and tanks (solid or printed)
Rompers (if you wear them)
Printed/solid skirts
Solid blouses and cardigans in your secondary colors
Tunics in secondary colors
Printed tunics
White skirts
White dresses
White jackets
Dark thin weight pants
Cropped dark pants such as capris
Summery denim pants (that have a washed look)

For shoes you want to make sure you have some nice flats, wedges, and a nude sandal high heel.  Also, black wedge sandals are excellent for parties.  And yes, embrace the open toed shoes now because this is really the last season to do so before you pack them away for the next 2 seasons or so!

Metallic shoes are also a great idea to add some sparkle to your summer outfits. 

You can pack your heavy scarves away but any sheer, lightweight ones can be used again in Summer.  You can wear them as headbands as well!

Dressing for work:

Wear some nice airy tunics and colorful cardigans are great when the weather is calm and not stifling hot or humid. 

Coral is a great summer color especially for the office. 

If it’s super hot and sticky, make sure you wear lightweight fabrics and dresses.  Keep your dresses at an appropriate length and don’t buy anything that is too low cut.  Skirts look great with plain tops and a matching sheer scarf.

If it’s just regular Summer weather, short sleeved dresses look amazing with a cute jacket.

Khaki skirts look fabulous with a light, year round blazer and a printed blouse top. 

Remember – when it comes to bra straps showing in the summer, it’s still taboo so invest in some bra clips that help you make your bra into a racerback.  This will hide them and it’s still comfortable to wear. 

On the weekends:
Dress in fun and bright colors.  You can shorten your blouses by tying them at the bottom and wearing a full skirt.

You can still layer in the winter.  If you wear rompers you can wear a skirt over them and a white full skirt looks great with a printed top and light denim jacket. 

Check back on Friday when I go over how to organize your closet!

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