Woofstock 2012

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This weekend was Woofstock 2012.  It's an event set up by the CPAA to raise money for rescue dogs, service dogs, etc. 

It was packed with vendors and although it was hard to move around a lot I had a great time!!! The weather was perfect!

Rocky needed a harness since it's too easy to choke him with a regular collar so after doing some research, I was hoping to check out Cavanaughs Collar Couture.  I found them when I was at Woofstock and was so happy with the selection.  The woman and man (I'm assuming husband and wife) were very very friendly and we joked around about how spoiled my dogs were and how funny it is that Pixie's tongue sticks out all the time!   Rocky ended up with this awesome camo harness! It was really cheap too but it's really good quality! 

Thanks Cavanaughs Collar Couture.  And if you guys want to check them out, they do have an etsy shop!! Also, show their Facebook page some love! I feel that with their awesome customer service they really deserve it!

There were some awesome vendors there.  I tried to grab as many brochures as I could so I could share them with you. 

There was A Tail to Tell, which is an awesome website and I just love the professional photographs of each dog.  They have a selection of rescue dogs that need homes and I already shared some of them on my Facebook! They give every dog a chance to share their story so they can get a home by sharing their story of how they were found to when they were rescued. The stories are so inspiring, I hope it makes you consider rescuing a dog next time you are looking for an addition to your family!

Also there was Noah's Pet Hotel & Spa.  This is a great solution for those of you that go on vacations and want to ensure your dog is left in the proper hands.  They offer overnight boarding, day boarding, grooming, long term boarding, and even play time! The rates are very much affordable!

If you are looking for photographs and art work of your furry friend, then Wet Nose Greetings and Willow Street Photography are for you! Willow Street Photography does contemporary family portraits and the work that was displayed there was amazing.   Definitely a great option if you want a family photo session with your furry friends.  Wet Nose Greetings takes a photo you submit of your pet and they can transform it into a print for the wall, wallpaper for your phone, or a greeting card!  They give it an artsy look and it's a great gift idea!

Delaware Valley Doberman Pinscher Assistance, Inc. was there and for $5 you could get a huge grab bag.  Of course we gave $10 and we picked up two large bags. They were packed with so many goodies, as I've shown you below!

I was especially excited to see Wagging Tail Portraits at Woofstock this year.  They offer custom painted pet portraits, ornaments, wine glasses, beer mugs, and coffee/tea mugs.  This is such a great gift idea and what a fantastic way to honor your furry friend!

We grabbed some yummy all natural healthy treats for the pups from Whisker Biscuits and The Blue Dog Pet Shop! I only feed my girls (and boy) all natural treats so this was right up my alley. 

On a more sensitive side, Peaceful Pet Passage was at Woofstock.  They offer in-home pet euthanasia and in their pamphlet there was some information and options for ways to memorialize your pet.  This is very important to keep in mind throughout the life of your pet!

Another great shop was Dog Italia which had some adorably handcrafted gourmet gift boxes and some awesome toys.  They have an online store as well so check them out if you aren't local!

Then there was Tagg.  Tagg is a GPS tracker that goes on your dog's collar. You can track them if they runaway to see where they are and what type of activity they are up to.  You can check from your computer or smart phone. BRILLIANT!!!

I can't wait till next year!


  1. Wish I could have met you and your adorable babies. My booth was M N M's K-9 Creations. I make handmade rhintestone collars and sleeping bags. Maybe we will see you next year.

  2. I can vouch for Noah's Pet Hotel & Spa. I have boarded my dogs there for years while on vacations and they loved going to "puppy camp". I never worried (missed them, yes!) about them when they stayed there.
    Patty Crozier

  3. I can vouch for Noah's Pet Hotel & Spa. I boarded my dog there when I went on vacation and I never worried (missed her, yes!) about them when she was there. She loved going to "puppy camp"! She always came back happy and stress free.
    Patty Crozier


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