Building Your Wardrobe: The Final Step - Organizing Your Closet

Friday, October 19, 2012

If you have been following along with Ask Away's Building Your Wardrobe Series you should have accomplished the following (And if not, click on the links and it'll take you to that blog post:
Step 1: Identify your Core Color
Step 2: Identify your Secondary Colors
Step 3: Purging and Lists
Step 4: Purchasing Your New Wardrobe
Building Your Fall Wardrobe
Building Your Winter Wardrobe
Building Your Spring Wardrobe
Building Your Summer Wardrobe

(And along the way I showed you Outfit of the Day posts for inspiration!)

So the Final Step is:
Organizing Your New Wardrobe

As we discussed before, you want to make sure it's easy to find all of your clothing, and this means organization! 

First things first,  move things out of drawers that don't need to be stored there.  If you have an accessory drawer in your night stand, maybe you can change that to a hosiery drawer.  I used to have my bras stored in a drawer, but then I got a Bra Tree, which is perfect for hanging them up.  If you don't want to use it for bras you can always use it for jewelry. 

I hang my scarfs on little hooks in the back of my closet and I also make sure that my shoes are organized with all the current season picks.  If you have a lot of things that you aren't wearing remember to move them to a different closet or store them in under the bed bins.

I organize my clothes by type: Jackets, Blazers, plain tees, blouses, printed blouses, colored skinny jeans (I hang these but fold and store all the regular casual jeans on my top shelf in the closet), tunics, cardigans.  Then within each category I organize by color.  I originally color coded my hangers by section so I would remember where to store things after they came out of the laundry, but now I pretty much have it down to a tee. 

A major benefit of being organized is that it's much easier to find your specific outfits and their components and you won't feel overwhelmed and frustrated.  If you only have what you wear, you'll never have to skip past "icky" outfits.  I also pick my outfits out a day or two in advance and hang them.  This way if I don't like how it looks once it's on I still have some extra time to change because I didn't spend as much time picking it out.

Also, I suggest you purchase My Clothing Helper to track when you last wore something and when it needs washed.

Make sure all your counters are cleared off on your vanity, and in your bathroom.  This makes getting ready much easier.  To store makeup, I suggest purchasing a My Face Case.  It is easy to take with you on the go as well!

I hope you enjoyed the series! And don't forget to check out my Outfit of the Day posts to see how I used all these steps to create my own new wardrobe.  You can get great ideas and inspiration from outfit posts!

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