Personal Chef Services by Lori Kerr - Our First Meal

Monday, October 22, 2012

So a few weeks back, I won  from the chance to have a series of 5 meals cooked for me in my home by Chef Lori Kerr.  She owns Custom Cuisine PCS.  She contacted me by email and we set up a date and time for her to come to my home to ask me some questions about my meal preferences, diet, ingredient restrictions, and see my kitchen.  She was very flexible.

It was so great to meet her.  She is the sweetest woman ever and was a pleasure to work with!!  We sat down and she showed me certain meal options and I picked some of my favorites then from there she came up with some meals that she emailed me a few days later, and as long as I was okay with it, that's what we would stick to for the menu...

Now I'm sure you're thinking?  Why would I need this and how can I justify something like this? Well, I put together a list of reasons you might want to invest in her services for you or for someone else.

1. Family or friends staying over and you don't feel like cooking
2. Loss in someone's family and you want to have meals made for them during their time of grief.
3. Entertaining guests at a party at your home
4. Organizing a formal anniversary dinner for yourself or someone as a gift
5. Sometimes life gets busy and you have a week that's coming up where you have no idea how you can balance everything out...well, Lori can come over, cook, and be out of your way in a few hours and then your meals are set for the week, leaving you way more free time in the evenings to get whatever you have to get done!
6. A great holiday gift for ...well...ANYONE..but especially your parents..think of how many meals THEY cooked you.
7. Someone (or yourself) that has surgery and is recovering at home, may not be able to make their own meals so having them already made, they can just toss them in the oven or microwave to heat up.

The list goes on...

So...after we discussed my food preferences and that of my boyfriend, she explained to me that she could come over and I can leave a key somewhere for her, or I can be here to let her in then she can show herself out and lock up after herself.  Well, I needed a day off so I told her I'd be here to let her in and we set a date. 

She brings her own containers to store your meals in.  And she explained that she can have one meal that's fresh (has to be eaten that day) and the rest can be refrigerated or frozen. 

Well.. the day came and It was a Monday (today) which was great because all of our meals were set for the week.   She came and brought her things in.  That's right...she brings all her own supplies for cooking and cleaning and all her ingredients that are purchased fresh from local markets. She took about 3.5 hours if that, and was very quiet.  The house smells amazing still!!  She even brought us pumpkin cookies to snack on! They were delicious!! 

She cleaned up (I can barely even tell she was in our home except for the amazing aroma left over) and was on her way after explaining the meals to us.  And guess what else... she even had a customized heating instruction list for our meals!!   SO NICE!!!  This was a huge luxury!!

So... here was our first meal from Chef Lori!!

It was Berry Glazed Salmon with Vegetable Risotto. And it was fantastic.  It was super easy to heat up and it filled us both to satisfaction.  I have never tasted anything so amazing in my entire life.  YUM!!!!

I'll be posting my meals each night this week so wait till you see what tomorrow is!!

And check Lori out on Facebook and Twitter... remember this is a GREAT Christmas gift!


  1. There's one more reason I can think of to do this, because I did it.
    I had gotten lazy and didn't bother with pretty, well balanced, "normal" portions of healthy food. Eating like this for a week or so makes you appreciate good food again, and helps you realize that you are worth it. You feel so much better!

  2. really good point Melissa! Actually, after I finished this meal, I feel much healthier and I think I'm going to try to eat salmon more often.


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