Building Your Wardrobe - Step 4: Purchasing Your New Wardrobe

Monday, October 8, 2012

I hope you had a great weekend full of cleaning and sorting out your closet and coming up with a list of things you have and still need.  Some of the items on your list will be in your core color and some will be in your secondary color.

Step 4 is...
Purchasing Your New Wardrobe
Now that you have sorted through everything and you have a list (exhausting huh) the fun part begins.  You get to shop!!   I did my shopping over the course of a week. I kept my list in my purse and whenever I got the energy and urge to go out, I did and I pulled out my list. 
TJ Maxx was a great place for my basics.  You might even have to look in the Juniors section for bright colors.  I found my stuff in the misses, women’s and Juniors section.
Marshalls was good for shoes!

Target had a nice selection of flats and scarves.

Old Navy has a ton of bright colors for skinny jeans and also some adorable cardigans and they are reasonably priced.  I literally have almost every color of skinny jeans from there now.

Kohls also has a lot of items that will be on your list, I’m sure!

Go in waves.  Search for the skirts you need all at once. Scour all sections of the store for it, then go back through and look for the tops you need, etc.

So now your homework is to do some shopping!!!!   And let me know how it goes! If you don’t want to go shopping yet you can wait till I do the next post this week on your Fall wardrobe and you can instead shop for some things you will need for your Fall closet.

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