Building Your Wardrobe: Step 3 - Purging and Lists

Friday, October 5, 2012

On Monday, we discussed core colors and Wednesday, we covered secondary colors.  So by now you should have your core color and at least 2 secondaries.  Keep those colors in mind because you will need them when we begin making a list.
It's on to step 3!

Purging your current wardrobe and identifying what you still need
Now comes the fun or not so fun part, but guess what!  I’m giving you a whole weekend to do this! 

Take EVERYTHING out of your closets and drawers and lay it out.  You are going to go through EVERYTHING One by one and ask yourself:
Have I worn this in the past 6 months?
Did I feel attractive in it?
Did it fit well?

*Make a keep pile and a get rid of pile.  Just two piles for now.
If you never wore something and it still has tags, definitely put it in the Get rid of pile.  You cane ither donate it or sell it or give it to someone who wants it. 

*Try things on!!!  How else can you know if they fit or not?!  Don’t be afraid to go crazy when it comes to purging your things. You can always go through your Get Rid Of Pile  a second time to make sure you don’t have any regrets.

I put all of my things back into my closet then when I was done so I could see what I had left. 

For now – You can separate the seasonal things like Summer dresses and beach wear  and also heavy sweaters that you wear in winter.  You want your main closet to have the basic stuff you can wear year round whether it’s alone or layered with something.  If you have another closet you can keep the seasonal stuff in that’s great but if not, consider buying large plastic bins that you can fold and store your items in.  Don’t pack them away forever though because you’ll actually need some of your fall stuff next week when we cover that wardrobe.

And remember – just because something is made for warm weather doesn’t mean you need to consider it seasonal.  Cardigans can always be worn over things in the cooler months.

I then made a list of the basic items you need in core colors and the basic and add ons you need in your secondary colors.

They are:
Basics in Core Color:
A typical black dress
And Dark wash denim jeans

Black Heels
riding boots
Nude heels

Basics and Add ons in Secondary color:
A Printed Dress
Tights in secondary colors
Tanks/cami’s in your secondary color
Blouses (with patterns or just solid colors)
Printed skirt
Solid dress in secondary color
Cardigans in secondary colors

Scarves in secondary colors

Write all of these down.  Don’t get overwhelmed yet…you may not have to buy ALL of it.  Look in your closet for what you already have and then cross it off the list.  Your goal is to purchase what you still need on that list.

Your homework assignment for the weekend is to begin purging your current wardrobe and listing what you need. Make sure you make this list on a large piece of paper that you can fold up and bring to the store with you.  It’s what I did with mine and mine is so crumpled now! But I love it and I love crossing things off of it.

What did you find you had most of and what do you REALLY need to get? Next week I’ll cover how to buy what you need, where to get it, and how to find the best deals.  You can do this with just a couple hundred dollars which isn’t that bad at all!

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