Building Your Wardrobe for Winter

Friday, October 12, 2012

Okay so we have covered Building Your Wardrobe for Fall so now it's time for Winter!
Winter is great because it’s the time for comfy and cozy attire, and you can style everything in a simple manner.  You want to pull your super thick and cozy shirts and sweaters out from your storage area and make sure you have the following:

Printed Skirts
Plaid Skirts
Printed Dresses
Solid Dresses in secondary collors
Solid cardigans in secondary colors
Solid sweaters in secondary colors

Remember – It’s okay to wear solid colors in the Winter because you can always add a scarf in another color to help add to your look.

And you also need to make sure you have the following from your original closet stock:
Dark sweaters
Light blouses
Dark Cardigans
Dark printed blouses
Patterned skirts
And dark skirts

You can easily wear your Fall boots for the Winter.  Just make sure you invest in some adorable rain boots and snow boots. 

When dressing for Work:

Try wearing a solid black dress or sweater dress with colored tights underneath.  A printed or colorful dress can be worn with black tights and a black blazer. 
Blazer and Dress

You can also wear black work pants with a patterned blouse and a sweater over top.  This will keep you warm and gives you a nice layered look.  

Cardigan and Blouse Work Look

When dressing for weekends and evenings in the Winter:
Leopard print tops look great with black or brightly colored tights.  And black boots over the tights finish off the look.  

Leopard Print

The only thing with Winter is that there are so many holiday events going on that your regular wardrobe will be interrupted so it’s okay to not worry about Winter as much.  In November and December I’ll highlight some holiday outfits!

Check back next week as I cover Spring and Summer and how to organize your closet with your new wardrobe!

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