Christopher J. Brown at Philly Fashion Week

Monday, October 1, 2012

I hope you enjoyed last week's coverage of the Philly Fashion Week Finale Runway Show.  Now it's time to show you the final three designers from the show.  Today I'm covering Christopher J. Brown!

As you can already see, Christopher J. Brown showcased some fabulous grey pieces and the tiny polka dots once again made an appearance!

This was probably my second favorite line because of the classy and feminine pants suits.  They were high waisted and I loved the blazers!

Christopher J. Brown's dresses were gorgeous with sheer polka dotted designs on top and ruffly trim on the bottom.  I also loved the veils which were added and the sparkly blue dress was fantastic! 

This line was definitely edgy and elegant!

I felt like this one should have been a bridal gown. How edgy and sexy is that!

Check back tomorrow when I cover one of the remaining two designers from Philly Fashion Week!


  1. Wow...some lovely press coverage. I was almost starting to think that reporters were writing less and less about these events.


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