Building Your Wardrobe: Step 1 - Identifying Your Core Color

Monday, October 1, 2012

We all see those people that have the most put together outfit and it makes you so jealous.   It makes us look at our own outfit and think "Boring!"  How do I get started dressing like them?  Well, I’m going to explain to you how and I’m even going to give you fun homework assignments along the way!

Everyone has a core color.  Did you know that?  Yep, you probably have it in your closet already. 
It’s either:
To figure out what your core color is just look at what you have the most of in your closet.  Do you usually buy black cardigans or black shirts that you use for layering? If so, then black’s probably your core color.  It’s mine, so I’ll probably refer to it often. 

Next week...
I’ll have you make a list of the items you do or don’t already have that are the basic staples to your wardrobe, and they will be in your core color!  Tomorrow, we will go over your Secondary Colors!

Your assignment for the next couple of days...
Look in YOUR closet and identify what YOUR core color is.  Leave a comment below so you can see how many others have the same core color as you!


  1. I'm so excited for these posts! My core color is definitely black. My wardrobe is kinda lacking lately - I am in the process of losing weight (57 lbs down, 21 more to go!) and I haven't wanted to splurge too much while my body is transitioning. But once I'm at goal, I have a whole new wardrobe to get! I can't wait!

  2. Oh Catie I'm so glad. It's so fun i promise!

  3. Black for sure. It's so easy and fun to dress it up with a scarf, pearls, and bright nail polish. It's so classy & EASY to dress it UP or DOWN!

  4. My core color is blue.

  5. Oh, mine is equally brown or black. My two faves. :D


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