J Brand Jeans Event at Sassy Jeans Co.

Monday, October 22, 2012

This past Saturday Oscar Adames, the stylist for J Brand Jeans, stopped by the Sassy Jeans Co. shop at the West Shore Farmers Market in Lemoyne, PA.  He was there to teach us about the brand and do fittings for anyone who wanted one.  

The event was super fun.  I was so impressed by Sassy, even with their other items like shirts, blouses, etc.  I even bought a top and a dress!!  I was the winner of a free pair of J Brand Jeans for having the most people go to their page, like it on Facebook, and say that I sent them.  So, thanks to all of you that did that for me!!

Anyways,  the ladies recognized me right away which made me feel really good, so once Oscar was ready, it was time to do my fitting.  He immediately suggested a mid rise skinny jean.  And then....he went to guess my size.  I always owned jeans that were a bigger size, so therefore I thought I'd still be that size.  But Oscar suggested I try a 26 and when I did I was amazed at how well it fit.  The pair I ended up getting was a Skinny Leg Tudor. 

There was also a really sweet woman there named Monica.  She was doing makeup so of course I had mine done.  I love the more subtle smokey eye she did.  Her website is here

Here are 5 things I learned from Oscar Adames:
1. If you pull the back of your jeans away from your body, you should be able to fit your hand back there.  If the gap is bigger than your hand, the jeans are too big of a size and when you bend over you will have to keep pulling them up.  Can you say annoying?

2. When you first put on a new pair of jeans and there are happy smiles (creases in the denim under each of your cheeks), that's okay... they go away after the denim stretches from you wearing it. 

3.  Mid rise and high rise are much much better than low rise.  They won't sag and you won't have to keep pulling them up.

4.  It's normal to do the J Brand Dance...aka that silly squat/jump combo you do when trying to pull your jeans on.  You want jeans to mold to YOU!

5. You get what you pay for with premium denim.  Would you buy a cheap car that gives you problems to get you to work?  Then why would you skimp out on the denim you buy?  Jeans are a basic necessity for everyone's wardrobe so make sure you invest in a high quality pair!

The ladies at Sassy were so nice.  They even had denim pocket cookies and t shirts that they gave out when you made a purchase.  Wait till you see what I bought!! 
Here's a preview... 

My J Brand Jeans
My Tribe Leather Dress

Top from Nally & Millie

Check back each day this week and I'll post a different look. 

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