5 of My Most Popular Posts [Ask Away Turns 5]

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

To celebrate my blog turning 5 this week I'll be featuring things in 5's.   Today we will look at 5 of my most popular posts this year. 

I think this post will always be a big hit. It basically covers how to get on a budget and stay with it.  If you ever wondered how I did it, here you go!

In addition to the budget post, this post shows how I use the cash envelope system. 

Buying a house this year was an amazing accomplishment and the much anticipated initial home tour was a huge hit!

Obviously this was another big accomplishment but was also a great way to answer everyone's questions on how I did it!

Earlier this year I actually embraced the very famous Konmari Method to purge and reorganize my posessions and my life.  This was a great summary of the method and a look back at how it changed me. 

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  1. Great post! I'm in love! :*


  2. Yay! I love compiled posts like this!! Can't wait to read the budget one!

    Sara Kate Styling

    1. I'm so glad to hear that bc I wasn't sure if people like this stuff. Thanks for stopping by girl! Love your blog so in was stoked to see u on mine!

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  4. wow happy 5 year blogiversiary to you!! I can see why those are the most popular posts, they're awesome! Bookmarking the debt free one for later!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

    1. Aw thanks so much! Being debt free is a dream come true

  5. Oh such amazing post and very helpful
    I'm happy to see your blog is on 5th year now

    So nice

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