The Secret to My New Zen Mood

Thursday, August 6, 2015

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So many people lately have been noticing my laid back attitude and my zen mood.  Sure, it's probably since I now have a place of my own but it's also because I've been making a conscious effort to meditate and be more aware of everything in my life. 

1\\ I Enjoy Quiet
There are plenty of little spaces in my home where I can go to have peace and quiet and just reflect on my thoughts.   Sometimes I go on the screened-in porch to enjoy the sounds of nature.  Other times I will go into my "get ready room" and just stare at the ceiling.   Either way, I allow myself safe spaces in my home to just be.  

2\\ I Take In Everything Around Me
Whenever I'm stuck in traffic or waiting in line at the store, I will take a deep breathe and start observing the world around me.  I take in everything other people do, and find cute "aww" moments when I can.  I try to be present that way rather than just get on my phone or text whenever I have to wait.

3\\ I Take Zen Energy Everywhere I Go
I've also been embracing more peaceful jewelry.  The above is my Peace & Balancing Love Mala from House of Jaguar.  It has Rhodochrosite which balances and enhances love on all levels.  It calms excessive passions and brings balance and clarity by eliminating inner conflict and promoting compassion and intuition.  

I just love the attention to detail.   House of Jaguar Jewelry represents elements of spirituality and ancientness that inspire and combine ancient wisdom, modern spirituality, and empirical beauty.  It's a great way to express yourself and keep a reminder with you at all times of what your mindset should be.  Their jewelry is created to celebrate the ancient cultures around the world and their indigenous wisdom.  The beads, pendants, and amulets are hand made in remote villages in Thailand, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Nepal, and Tibet.  The jewelry is assembled by hand in Nepture Beach, Florida.   The reason I love 108 beaded Malas so much is because they are a set of beads that has been historically used by Buddhists and Hindus.  They are used for keeping count while reciting a mantra from the ancient Sanskrit language.  And each mala comes with a piece of paper that has information about it's healing properties and the suggested mantra to use with it.  They use specific healing stones and positive energy in them.  My mantra was Om Mani Padme Hum which contains the essence of Buddhist teaching and it's said that reciting it will not only benefit me but all living creatures.  House of Jaguar also has bracelets.  No matter what you choose I promise this will help energize you deep inside if you let it!

What ways do you stay calm and focused in this crazy world?

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  1. Girl, I need this necklace like now. Everyone at work has been throwing a ton of work at me today and definitely testing my patience. Ugh, why can't it be Friday already?

  2. I also enjoy quite. In fact, I really need it! I find is so calming and peaceful.

  3. Love the necklace and like you, I love quiet and to enjoy those peaceful moments - no matter how few!


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