Castro Convertibles Ottoman | A 3-in-1 Addition For the Home

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I've always been a HUGE fan of anything that serves more than one purpose, especially when it comes to items in the home.  So I am so thrilled to tell you all about a piece of furniture that serves 3 purposes: décor, a bed, and a storage solution.   

It's from Castro Convertibles, a family furniture company from New York that has re-launched with a new, innovative convertible ottoman which is ideal for contemporary living.     So let's look at the 3 ways this beautiful ottoman can be used.

|1| A Decorative Ottoman
Whether you want to use the Castro Convertible Ottoman as a coffee table in your living room, or even a chaise lounge for when you want to relax a little more, or an extra seat if you have a full house, it looks great!  This is ideal for small spaces like dorm rooms, apartments, bedrooms, and living rooms.  It even comes with a removable slipcover which helps dress it up for your own home.

|2| A Bed
The age old problem of having guests and not enough beds is now SOLVED! The Castro Convertible Ottoman folds out and offers a luxurious five-inch thick Castropedic mattress.  This ottoman is also constructed with a wooden slat design so it's sturdy and offers locking castors for a smooth and safe experience.  The Castro Convertible Ottoman comes in 2 sizes - 33" wide for a single bed or 39" wide for a twin bed.    The best part is, you can use it in whatever room you want! It's also ideal for someone that has trouble (possibly after a surgical procedure) with stairs and needs to sleep on the first floor of their home.  Even if your guests decide last minute that they want to stay over, you can easily and quickly convert the ottoman into a bed.

|3| A Storage Piece
When not in use, you can basically forget you even have an extra bed for guests because the bed folds right back up into an ottoman.  That means it's easy clean up and you can put your home back to normal.  No more worrying about inflating or deflating air mattresses, or setting up bulky cots that you have to store away downstairs.  No more worrying about having to find space to store an extra mattress - it's right there!

The 33" Ottoman is priced at $699 and the 39" at $799 and both ship free in the continental United States.

What way would you use this in the most? 
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  1. These furniture pieces are super cool! I love how functional everything is.

  2. cool furniture items


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