5 Ways My Blog Has Changed [Ask Away Turns 5]

Thursday, August 13, 2015

To celebrate 5 years of blogging I wanted to highlight some ways that this blog has actually transformed over the years.  

|1| Started as a Simple Advice Blog
I literally used to only post when a reader asked me a question.  I would respond in the advice column format.   It was okay at first but it kind of got boring, which when I realized I needed to just post advice filled posts rather than just Q&A's.  

|2| It used to be Reviews & Giveaways Galore
Yep,  I used to have at least 5-6 giveaways a week.  I realized after a while that while it helped me build my traffic up, I needed more organic posts that didn't have sponsored content or free goodies.  Even when I reviewed a product I had to do it in more of an editorial way. 

|3| My Outfit Photos used to be on a Point and Shoot
It wasn't really all that bad but it is nowhere the quality I can get today. 

|4| I Don't Post Every Day
I used to post every single day.  I realize that is a lot for someone to keep up with if they have a life.  So I don't post on weekends, and sometimes I take 1 day off a week to not post.   Usually only one post goes up each day rather than 2-3. 

|5| I Utilize Social Media Better
Before, I only used social media to help share my posts. Now I post things on specific channels only, and I actually engage more with my readers. 

I hope you've noticed some of these things over the years.  What's the most memorable change you've seen on Ask Away? 

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  1. Amazing achievement. Congrats for blogging for 5 years.
    I'm going to take on board what you have learnt to improve my blog too.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  2. Congrats on making it five years! I enjoy reading your blog.
    My blog turned six in May.

    1. well happy belated 6th blogiversary! Thanks so much for being a reader. it means so much to me!


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