What You Need to Know About Scalp & Hair Health

Monday, August 24, 2015

Recently, I gave my head a makeover with CLEAR SCALP & HAIR™ which is a global hair care brand that focuses on nourishing the scalp for strong and beautiful hair.   In 2012 CLEAR SCALP & HAIR™ launched in the United States and shifted the way women were caring for their hair.   Most of us focused on the ends of our hair but the funny thing about that is - the ends of your hair are already dead. CLEAR SCALP & HAIR™ encourages women to focus on the scalp which is where 99% of your hair's natural strength and beauty comes from!  The skin on your scalp is the same skin you have on your arms and legs and it has the same function and structure.  And if you wouldn't skip cleansing or moisturizing your skin, why would you do it for your scalp?   Caring for your scalp and hair with products designed to nourish and strengthen them is absolutely essential for a healthy, full bodied head of hair.  And with Fall right around the corner, you should make sure you start early so your scalp and hair are ready for the transition ahead.  Like skin, the weather can affect the scalp and as the seasons change, our skin cells and hair cycle change.  Actually, studies have shown that seasonal changing can cause shedding, especially in the Fall!

The CLEAR SCALP & HAIR™ line of nourishing shampoos and conditioners are designed to address all kinds of hair and scalp needs.  They are very feminine products and they have a fabulous smell. 

Specifically, I would like to tell you about CLEAR SCALP & HAIR™ Intense Hydration Nourishing Shampoo and Nourishing Daily Conditioner.  It leaves your hair resilient to dryness for 24 hours so you can enjoy soft and hydrated hair.  It's infused with cactus extract which is known to deliver moisture and this specific product is clinically proven to help replenish the scalp with essential hydration if you use it regularly.   It can leave hair stronger from root to tip.  It's also formulated with Nutrium 10™ which is an advanced moisture complex of vitamins and nutrients including B5, C, E, sunflower, almond, soybean, coconut oils, glycerin, and aloe vera.

I am always trying to be mindful of what products I use on my hair and skin.   I give everything time to work.  Within a couple of weeks I saw a very noticeable change in my scalp and my hair.  It was shinier and much more hydrated.  In fact, it didn't get all frizzy when I was in humid air because it wasn't starving for moisture! My hair always freaks out when it gets in the humidity.  Plus, my scalp usually gets really itchy on a regular basis but ever since I began using
CLEAR SCALP & HAIR™  I don't seem to get itchy anymore. I haven't been worried about flakes either and my hair feels so soft and smooth! 

CLEAR SCALP & HAIR™ is available at Target.com and Walgreens.com for $4.99-$5.99. 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. I'm definitely putting this on my list of things to buy when I go to Walmart this weekend. I have a skin condition that makes my skin always super dry. My scalp has been so dry lately and bothering me, so I'm pretty sure this will make a much needed change.


  2. so going to have to try this out


  3. Hi Ellen! Love meeting other PA bloggers :) Do you want to follow my blog? I'll follow yours back!

    Phyllis | www.prettypleese.com

  4. I think giving care to my hair is the best thing in the world.
    People see you through your hair-- not just on your face and body
    Lovin this clear products

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