Grace's Birthday Celebration!

Friday, August 28, 2015

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My babies are growing up! Make it stop! On Monday, Grace turned 8 and this coming Monday Pixie turns 10!   I want to cry and scream!   But I love my babies so I always do something special for their birthdays. 

Grace went out for some doggie ice cream like each dog does every year.  She loved it! It's nice to have some alone time with her since it's hard to do that at the house.

Another fun treat that everyone got to indulge in was Merrick Jerky Chip Treats from Chewy!

I love these because they are made in the USA and are oven baked.  They don't have any corn, wheat, or soy and they are a huge hit with my pups!   I also loved that they didn't have a stinky odor like most dog treats do! It was also nice because it helped distract the dogs so I could get a few things done in the meantime.

And a special special special snack for all of the babies was Freshpet Vital Raw Rolls.   They are now available at Petco and they are acctually different than other raw diets because they are ready to serve right from the fridge and are made with fresh fruits and veggies and they even have probiotics.  Probiotics are important because they grow and create an environment where pathogens can not survive so it makes for a longer shelf life and it helps support a healthy immune system. I loethat they is no thawing required and my babies loved all the recipes they tried.  This is so easy to serve them and it's really good for Rocky who is a finicky eater!

What do you do for your pets when it's their birthday? 

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  1. Cute pup! Love that pet food is getting healthier & more conscious just like our food.

  2. Oh no I missed Grace's birthday!! Happy Happy Belated!
    I usually make Dakota a special meal on his birthday ...he gets prezzies all year so on his birthday it's a homecooked meal from me!

  3. What cute doggies!! Grace looks like she is enjoying here ice cream. We recently tried a raw diet for our cat (based on vet recommendation) and he was not having it, of course cats can be very picky eaters. Our dog not so much ;)

  4. You're coming up on your dog's birthday and you are probably wondering how you should celebrate the special day. Dogs deserve to have their day as well! Everyone loves a party and dogs are no exception.


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