5 Q&A's About My Blog [Ask Away Turns 5]

Friday, August 14, 2015

To finish off the week of celebrating 5 years as a blogger I figured I'd do a quick Q&A.  Various readers contributed to the questions :)


Q: What was the specific thing that got you into blogging?
A: Over the years people always told me that I was great at giving advice. I could listen to even the most controversial of issues, and still give solid advice from a neutral, unbiased standpoint.  After enough people told me I should start an advice column, or write a book, I figured I'd do the next best thing - BLOG!  

Q: What's your favorite aspect of blogging?
A: I could never pick just one - so I'll say them all. I love having readers tell me that they heard someone mention my blog elsewhere and they were like "Hey, I know the girl that writes the blog!"   as if I'm a world famous blogger or something (Yeah right!). I love being able to be my own boss. I love meeting other bloggers. If it wasn't for blogging I probably wouldn't have a lot of the close friends I do now. I love being able to go to events and conferences and learn new skills.

Q: What's the most difficult thing about blogging?
A: Keeping up when you feel like being lazy.   There are a couple times a year where I get a bit behind. Normally I have photos taken, blogs written, tweets scheduled weeks in advance. But life happens and sometimes I lose my motivation. Also, writer's block when I run out of stuff to blog about.

Q: Do bloggers pay attention to their readers?
A: I can't speak for them but I can speak for myself and say YES! I "creep" on a lot of my readers that comment on Facebook all the time, sometimes to see the photos of the pets they always tell me about. I recognize names and faces on all social media channels.  I remember the things people have told me about their life.  I feel like I have a lot in common with almost all of my readers!   I also read every single little comment, tweet, Facebook post, Instagram mention and I always look at who all shares and likes my posts.

Q: Can you ever see your blog ending someday?
A: That's a great question and one I think of often.  The answer is no - absolutely not.   I love blogging and I love this blog. I would be devastated if I didn't have this anymore.  It keeps me going everyday and I can't imagine not being able to connect with all my readers.

Once again, if it weren't for you guys, my readers, I would not have this blog looking and working like it does today. Thank you so so so much. Feel free to email me at anytime whether it's a suggestion, a concern, or if you need advice!
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  1. Congratulations on the birthday of your blog! It's really lovely to read your Q&A for someone who just started out blogging like me :)

    Bold Bliss

    1. Thanks so much! glad u enjoyed and good luck with your blog :)

  2. It's awesome that you read every comment and have so much appreciation for your readers! I agree that the most difficult thing is sometimes just not wanting to blog or getting what I call "blogger's block" lol. The important thing is to keep going though :)
    Tiffany at http://writteninblue21.blogspot.com/

    1. Ugh bloggers block is THE worst! Thanks for stopping by Tiffany!! Means a lot to me!


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