How I'm Staying Organized Lately

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

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Buying and moving into a new house has been quite the experience.   Although I'm settled in right now, there are plenty of times you can catch me in a tizzy especially after a project or a busy weekend of entertaining.  So here are some of the ways I'm staying organized lately.

I've been enjoying yard work and laying out to get some Vitamin D but it definitely can dry out my skin and lips. So I've been staying moisturized with
Savannah Bee Company products like Tupelo Honey Body Lotion and the Southern Combo of Lip Balm including Sweet Tea, Key Lime, and Peach! The flavors are fantastic and aren't greasy or chalky. They soak right in and leave me moisturized for quite some time.  They have softening honey in them and pure propolis.  I also love that they don't test on animals and don't contain any harsh ingredients. The body lotion has really saved my skin especially after a weekend in the sun!  

2//Keeping Track of Money
Part of getting a new house is getting plenty of gift cards.   It's been quite chaotic keeping track of gift cards and coupons but I love this brilliant product - SleevePal! SleevePal allows me to keep track of the balances on my gift cards. I no longer have to find a sharpie to write on the actual cards. Now I just grab a pen at the register and write down whatever balance the receipt says is left.  This is also a brilliant idea as a gift whenever you give somebody a gift card.  I love the awesome selection of designs.   The Zebra print is my favorite but for a classier look the Linen with colored foil sleeves are quite pretty!

3// Less Baggage
While I love my handbags, sometimes it's a pain to have to tote one around everywhere.  So for quick trips or when I want to keep all my important items together I use CardNinja!   CardNinja is convenient and has a slim design that can hold cash and up  to 8 cards in one compact. And the best part is - you can put it right on the back of your smartphone. It even comes in different colors like Black, Steel, Eggplant, Gold, Blue, or Pink.  It has a spandex sleeve with a 3M adhesive so everything stays in place even if you flip it over. I love using this in the grocery store especially.  And it makes a great gift. And not to worry - if you ever want to remove CardNinja it will remove cleanly from any phone or case!

Could any of the above help you stay more organized?

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