Using Existing Colors to Choose Wall Decor

Monday, August 3, 2015

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So this is the first of 2 blog posts about how I decorated the walls in my new home.  I want to start with the dining room.  The dining room has a Buddha theme with the beautiful gold Buddha art canvas.    It goes great with the beige and brown throughout the room and it even looks great with the carpeting.  

We also have an area rug under the dining room table which has gold, light and dark blue, and brown in it.  So I wanted to add something else besides the Buddha face which is where Roommates Decor came into play.  I used 2 identical Indian Buddha wall decals from RoomMates Peel and Stick Decor that match the exact color of Buddha's eyebrows!  

It looks amazing with the carpet and the area rug accents!  How perfect is that?!

It's so important to try to keep with the natural color theme of your house.  Whatever colors you have on the carpet, counters, or walls are colors you should try to coordinate by finding wall decor that has the same tones.   It really helps everything in the room flow. 

Then we have this wall that basically transitions into the Kitchen...

Here it was before ... 
And here it was after not one but three Cityscape Giant Wall Decals from RoomMates Peel and Stick Decor.  I love this!  It gives it a somewhat urban feel but it doesn't take away from anything else in either room!  

These give such a great look without being tacky or looking cheap!!!  I love how perfectly these were able to stick right above the chair rail.   

Since there were really no colors to worry about in this space, it was easy to use a black color (the city scape) because no matter what colors we change in the rooms, this will always look perfect where it is. 

Stay tuned laster this week when I show you how I use Wall Decals to stay organized with my blog and stylish in my home office. 

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  1. Love wall decal stickers. They are so easy to use.

  2. Love how you have this decorated!

    xx Chelsea

  3. The wall decals look great and I love your are rug too ;)


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