Personal Touches Around Our New House + A Giveaway

Friday, August 21, 2015

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I've been a very busy bee around our new house lately and I wanted to share the personal touches I've made.

We will start with the kitchen...

I've really been stepping up my kitchen game, ensuring I have the right tools to get the job done.   I have a lovely supply of kitchen goodies from Dexas that are a MUST HAVE for any home.

This Over the Sink Contour GrippBoard is my favorite! It makes cutting fruits and veggies so much easier. I can just push them into the little basket and let them drain.  It's really made a difference when it comes to messes and having to clean up after myself.
I love my Strainer, Spoon Rest, Spoonula, and Spatula! As if the colorful silicone on the Spoonula and Spatula weren't  enough, the stainless steel handles and the ability to pull the tops off to clean them better make a huge difference for me.   The strainer is so nice because you can collapse it to store away so it takes up less space! The spoon rest is great when I'm trying to not make a mess while serving food to guests!
I am in love with these Collapsible Kitchen KlipScoops! They easily clip and hold bags together like my rice and pasta but it makes measuring super easy and there's one less step  have to make over to the drawer with the measuring cups since these are already on the bag. 
We all know how much I love Quesadillas so this Tortilla Warmer comes in SO HANDY!  Not only can I stack several tortillas in it to keep them warm but I can do it with pancakes too! I love this thing!

This Turbo Fan Collapsible Salad Spinner is so easy to store and barely takes up any room.  I have lots of space but I try to utilize it all in the best way possible.  This is so nice to have when guests come over. I just pull it out, pop it up, use the push touch to make it spin quickly, and then I can rinse it, collapse it back down and VOILA!

I also spruced up the walls....

Above the bed in the master bedroom is a set of square decals from Dali Decals.   This decal came with 192 different shaped squares. I thought up the pattern all by myself which was definitely time consuming but it was still fun.   The wall above the bed was too plain so this really helped to spruce it up.  I really loved a lot of the decals on Dali Decals.  Decals are a great way to spruce up your home without a lot of effort.

In the area of the kitchen leading down to the basement AND
in the kitchen along the cityscape wall I added these signs...

These Downtown and Brooklyn Subway Signs from StickerBrand give it a nice urban feel.   I love the clean design. They were SO easy to apply and the perfect size for the walls.   This is one of my favorite minor touches I've done lately!

And finally - the screened-in porch!   I added some decorative lighting in the form of little mini green paper lanterns from Hometown Evolution.

These give a little color to the porch during the daytime and at night they are so beautiful when lit up. There was a nice selection of lighting on the Hometown Evolution Website with even bigger lanterns and more colors. Adding some d├ęcor to a porch setting like this really improves the feel when you are entertaining guests!

And there's more....One lucky winner will get $25 to Dali Decals.

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  1. In regards to Polka Dots, our son has recently gotten married and moved out so we have a room that we are turning into a hobby room, sewing-quilting-stamping-geocaching-civil war reenacting. My husband picked out the color for the walls. Boy was I surprised. Pink is my favorite color. He picked out a bright magenta. Wow is that going to be pretty. Anyway Starburst Polka Dots in Middle Grey in size 6 inch would be lovely to decorate and tone down the color a little.
    quilting dash lady at Comcast dot net

  2. I love the Classic Family Name - Personalized Monogram - Wall Decals. I would place this in our entry way.

  3. The Blue Azure is my favorite color for the Polka Dots. I'd use them in my son's room. That's his favorite color.

  4. I really love the custom wood prints
    quilting lady 2 at Comcast dot net

  5. Drooling over the Metallic Gold Polka Dot Wall Stickers. I'd use them in my home office. How fun!!!!

  6. I'd use the Be Our Guest - Be My Guest - Words - Quote - Wall Decals in our guest bedroom.

  7. I love the Purple & Pink Polka Dots! They would look beautiful on my Granddaughter's bedroom wall :)

  8. I so need that cutting board in my life.

  9. Such lovely interior design.
    I love it

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  11. So many kitchen gadgets I didn't even know existed! I love the measuring spoons with the clips. So convenient! And I'm jealous of your screened in porch. I bet it's such a nice place to relax. :) <3



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