How I Take Care of Myself Lately

Thursday, August 27, 2015

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Lately I've been in a great place with my fitness and beauty routines.   For beauty - I am loving the products I use from Pura D'or.

Hair Loss Prevention Therapy Shampoo - This product is great because it adds volume and strengthens my hair and is loaded with vitamins for hair growth. I need my hair to keep growing long and strong so it's very important I use a product that stimulates growth.

Healing Conditioner - My poor hair is always so dry. I love this conditioner because there are no sulfates, parabens, or harmful chemicals.  It really helps my frizzy hair and leaves it smooth, shiny, and detangles.  This conditioner has coconut and vegetable proteins inside to help hydrate and repair damaged hair like mine from the root to the tip.   And it doesn't leave a buildup behind which is great. 

Pure & Organic Argan Oil - Argan Oil helps minimize wrinkles, stimulate skin cells, and reduce the appearance of scarring and stretch marks.  It helps me get softer and smoother skin and is great for eczema, which I suffer from on a regular basis.   It restores the nutrient content to skin cells and when I use it on my dry scalp, it really moisturizes it and stops the itching.  Argan Oil can even be used to repair hair damage.   It's 100% pure and is imported from South Western Morocco.  There are no chemicals added so it's safe for all skin, hair, and nail types. I just use a small dab, rub it in my hands, and apply it to whatever area I'm using it on for 1 minute.

Also, we have a gym in our basement...well it's a nice big space to workout so I've been jumping rope to get some good cardio in. My favorite jump rope to use is my TKO Soft Grip Jump Rope.  TKO has a line of products from boxing gloves and punching towers all the way to body balls, yoga mats, and kettle bells.  They even developed a line of fitness apparel.  And they understand that these days people have more time constraints so a lot of us try to exercise at home.  Their products are great for a home gym and that's why this jump rope is perfect for me.  It has a soft rubber coated grip so I can easily grasp it and not worry about it flying out of my hands in the basement.  There is metal ball bearings and a 9 foot solid vinyl rope. 

Jumping rope has so many benefits. Not only is it good cardio, but it helps me destress after a long day. I can just reflect on my day as I mindlessly jump rope. 

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  1. I have the argan oil and love it

  2. I use Moroccan oil on my hair but have never tried an argan oil product before!? Jumping rope is kind of amazing, and I love that you do it ;)

  3. I might need to invest in that hair loss shampoo for my edges
    thanks for sharing :)

  4. I'll have to look into that shampoo and conditioner!

  5. 1) jumping rope is amazing; it's such a great way to blast calories. we always jump rope as warm-up before muay thai.

    2) argan oil is my #1 secret weapon and it's changed my skin in incredible ways! because of argan oil, i've been able to reduce the number of products i use and keeps my skin so hydrated!

  6. I love to jump the rope, it is a great activity to warm up for another exercise or just as a cardio workout. Thanks for the review!

    Natalia | Lindifique

  7. I will have to check out that shampoo and conditioner! My favorite way to get cardio into my week is swimming laps! I sweat enough at the gym lifting weights (;

    Dearest Lou


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