Simple Ways I Clean My Home + A Giveaway

Friday, August 7, 2015

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You should have all seen the home tour by now but let me just tell you that the one thing I'm more proud of than my decorating is how easy it is to keep my home clean.  I do a few simple things on a regular basis which help keep it looking shiny, open, and clean!

1. Once a Week Wipe Down
Once a week I do a through wipe down of the bathrooms and kitchen.  Murchison-Hume has an amazing line of cleaning products and these 2 are my favorites lately! The Ladies Bathroom Cleaner is so simple - I just spray and wipe. I use it on counters, handles, in the shower, and on the toilet.  It neutralizes germs and odors without the use of harsh chemicals.   It actually cleans instead of just masking odors! And Counter Safe All Purpose Cleaner does a fabulous job in the kitchen with all that counter space! It helps kill germs and I use it on pretty much every surface I can!  I love that there is no harsh chemicals or nasty smell to these products! 

2. Regular Dusting
Home Decor items may look beautiful on display but they can attract dust quicker than you can even imagine.  So I make sure that once a week I dust high and low.  I usually do it right before I vacuum so that I can suck up all the dust that falls to the ground. 

3. Putting Things Away Each Day
I usually put things away the instant I'm done using them.  But sometimes I'm in a rush so if that's the case I make sure that before I go to bed each night, I do a quick run down of each room and put anything away that's sitting out! 

It's not really that hard to keep a tidy home if you keep up with the regular tidying up aspects of it and use the right products. 

And guess what! One of you is going to win the two cleaning products above (the same ones that I use!) Good luck! 


  1. I love how your shelf is styled! And that pink tray is so cute! Picking up a few things here and there really makes a difference, at least for me!

  2. I do a lot of these thing myself

  3. Great tips! Especially the once a week wipe down and dusting! It's amazing how quickly that'll get gross again :-P

    Happy Friday!


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