Chihuahua Cribs - Check Out My Dog's Home Style

Monday, August 17, 2015

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I've already done a house tour but I neglected to showcase how my Chihuahuas live in style.  In an effort to keep up with the brown and neutral tones throughout my home, I like to keep the living room all uniform even when it comes to the pups.  

My dogs still need a place to sleep when they want to be where I am so I am loving their new Boscov's dog beds.  Pixie loves the plushy brown quilted bed.  It's so soft and comfy!   I love the size and I love the color.   Normally I want to put away pet items when guests come over but I always leave their beds out now!   

It's important for pets to be comfortable so they are just as happy as their human counterparts which is why I like my babies to sleep on something super soft. Sometimes I lay down next to Pixie and even rest my head on her bed! It also gives her plenty of room to snuggle with a toy like her beloved Teddy bear that she's had since the first day I brought her home.  This bed is also machine washable and is ideal for small dogs.  The Oval Pet Bed will be arriving at Boscov's in November! Add it to your dog's Christmas List!

Stella loves her little pet cave because she can tuck herself away from any noise and chaos going on in the living room, but she can still peek her head out to see what's going on.   This bed is so lightweight so it's easy to move from room to room.  This type of bed is great for dogs that like to shield themselves away from noise both inside and out (thunder and fireworks!) because it lets them go away into their own little comfort zone.

Pixie even has a houndstooth bed in the office so she can see what I'm doing.  I can't even believe how fancy these beds are.  Boscov's really knows how to give the customer (and their pet) want they want with their pet beds.

The Pet Cave Small pet Beds will be arriving in September at Boscov's and there will be a plaid print available in November.  These are fantastic for both small dogs AND cats.  The bottom is removable so it's easy to wash and it comes in 3 colors.  

As much as I love my dogs I have always struggled to find functional pet beds that don't take away from the look and d├ęcor of a room.  Boscov's has done it again by combining both so it not only benefits humans but pets as well!   

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  1. Love those beds! I need some for my babies

  2. They are too cute- your dogs and the beds! I used to have a dog bed that matched my living room so well but the youngest 2 rip up every dog bed, so I haven't bought any new ones. I think a second couch just for the dogs is a purchase that needs to happen in the future... after a buy a whole new couch because the 2 younger trouble makers chewed up my current couch. They are such a mess but I love them too much to really be mad about it.

    1. Sometimes i barely have room on my own couch because of my dogs haha glad im not alone there!

  3. Awesome post ! I have a chihuahua too xo

  4. Oh those look soooo comfy-cozy and your babies look ADORABLE!!! Love the brown color!


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