My Office & Closet Shelf Makeover

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

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Since I just moved into my house a couple months ago I'm trying to not make any drastic changes that I might not love forever.  That's why I decided to make an easy update to some shelves around my home, and if I ever want to change the appearance it's easy as can be!

For my bedroom closet, I have this nice little shelf system that is built into the wall.  The walls are white but I wanted to spice them up.  So I used Mineral Wrap from Smock! You can use this stuff as wrapping paper (and by the way it's double-sided with a different print on each side) or you can use it in a decorate way like I did. I thought of lining drawers with it but I really wanted to look at this beautiful grey design all the time. I used sticky tack to affix it to the back wall.   And if I ever want to remove it I can just pull it right off.

There is also in-wall storage in the office.  And I wanted a bit of a change with some more color.   So I used the Garden Path wrap from Smock.

I love the pretty aqua color and how it makes everything pop.  It was so easy to apply with sticky tack and I just love that it's still a nice shiny yet thick paper!

What would you do with wrapping paper?

 photo ScreenShot2014-06-25at102225PM_zps4fdda517.png


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog :-) Looks like you just moved...I can't wait to be settled into my new place - it's such a process! This is a really nice closet system to have already when you move in! /

    1. OMG I know!!! I was like okay it doesnt have a walk in closet but the shelving... yep - ill take it :)

  2. what a fun way to change the space up

  3. love these ideas but I have to say your storage shelves in the closet are BRILLIANT!! You might just have a new career ahead of you!! You could design efficient utilization of closet space and I will be your first customer :)


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